Top 10 Most Famous Castles of India

Castles are well-known and amazing structures in the past, when King and Queen Rulers in the world are still existing. Today, these castles are being preserved by every country, and considered them as one of the country’s wealth. One of the countries that have a number of castles is India. In this regard, here are the 10 famous castles that can be seen in India:

10. Srirangapatnam Fort

Srirangapatnam Fort

This popular castle is exactly located close to Kaveri, which is a holy river situated in the state of Karnataka. One thing that made this fort extremely famous is the fact that it is surrounded with numerous Indian attractions like Daria Daulat Gardens, Jumma Masjid Mosque, and The Mausoleum of Tipu Sultan.

9. Panhala Fort

Panhala Fort

It can be found in the city of Kolhapur in the state of Maharashtra. This famous structure is part of the Maratha Empire. When you’re in this largest structure in Maharashtra, you can enjoy your eyes in the breathtaking Sahyadri mountain range, which is just overlooking from the fort.

8. Chittaorgarh Fort

Chittaorgarh Fort

This is the grandest structure that can be seen in the city of Chittaorgarh, Rajasthan. It is near the Berach River in India. The other name of this is Water Fort. It was built because of the effort of the great Rajput rulers in the past as well as Maharana Pratap Singh.

7. Kangra Fort

Kangra Fort

In the Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra valley where Banganga and Manjhi rivers can be seen, the extremely popular Kangra Fort is located. Such structure was built through the effort of the Royal Family of Kangra. It served as their palace before.

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6. Red Fort

Red Fort

It is considered to be the most significant fort India has to offer. One reason is the fact that it is a sister structure of the world famous Taj Mahal. It can be located in the city of Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The very first Sultan in Delhi named Sikandar Lodi once lived here.

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