Top 10 Most Influential People in 2015

There are many people in the world who leave an impression with their deeds and work. They are not out of the world but strong leaders, great performers or the reformers. They influence the billions of people. Many magazines list their list and every list has its own credibility. Here are the Top 10 most influential people in 2015.

10. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

The charming Hermione Granzer of Harry Potter series took the sexual equality issue into a new level. Her famous HeForShe campaign was widely accepted and made her the face of this battle. She was also made the brand ambassador for United Nations.

9. Chanda Kochar

Chanda KocharIf you still doubt the capabilities of women then you must refer to her. She has delivered a lecture at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland and a board of director of Institute of International Finance. The elegant lady who is seen with her traditional Saree is the pivotal force behind establishing ICICI Bank and is currently the CEO and Managing Director of the bank.

8. Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes

Her contribution to the modern world is immeasurable. The elegant lady has developed a new method of a blood test. It is much cheaper in cost, can be used for wide ranges of infection and is also portable. Her vision is currently under testing and is expected to change the health industry by a considerable amount.

7. Lei Jun

Lei Jun

He is often compared with the legendary Steve Jobs for his contribution towards tech gigs. The founder of Chinese phone makers Xiomi is a man on a mission. No other company has ever seen an expansion and success within five years that he has led Xiomi to. He has made his company most valuable tech startup within few years.

6. Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian

She is the feminist of the modern age. She came with the campaign of Troops vs Women in video games. She raised huge crowdfunding but only to invite troubles. She has received threats including death, rape and faced pornographic vandalism and many more. The lady has refused to back down and is still the voice of the digital world where she wants the typical image of women to be changed. Her efforts are changing the industry as well.

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