Top 10 Most Loved Princess That Are Not From Disney

Fairy tales have been the stuff of many children’s stories and the like. And when one says fairy tales, very specific characters come to mind. We have the prince who charms his way to the heart of the protagonist, the evil villain who makes things more difficult in the movie – and of course – the alluring princess who is filled with beauty and kindness.

Princesses are adored all over the world. In reality, they are even more loved and appreciated in fairy tales than in real life. These princesses are primarily created by Walt Disney, together with more iconic characters coming from that fold. However, many famous and world-renowned princesses were actually NOT Disney creations.

This list dishes to you the 10 most loved princesses that were NOT creations of legendary animator and storyteller Walt Disney. How many of these princesses do you know and cherish?

10. Fiona


Fiona is the lead female protagonist in Disney’s Shrek. In the movie, Fiona is actually a cursed human being who turned into an ogress. Despite her uncanny looks, she is like any other princess – waiting for that charming prince to rescue her and sweep her off her feet. What’s even more amusing about Princess Fiona is that she is also brave and throws punches if need be.

9. Anastasia


Anastasia, or Anya, was taken from the character of an actual Russian princess named Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna. The real Anastasia survived her entire family’s execution because she was still very little. She was banished from her royal roots and lived the life of a commoner until she became a full-grown woman with an obvious royal lineage.

8. Thumbelina


Thumbelina is both a fairy and a princess. Miniscule but every inch a princess with her long blonde hair, beautiful face, compassionate heart, and enigmatic personality, she was rescued by the prince of fairies who fell in love with her. Of course, just like in most fairy tales, they lived happily ever after.

7. Odette


Odette is the name of the lady protagonist in the animated film “The Swan Princess.” She transforms into a swan in the daytime but takes the form of a very beautiful lady at night. She is very lovable because of her warm and compassionate personality. She was rescued by Prince Derek, whom she would later marry and have a family with.

6. Princess Irene

Princess Irene

Princess Irene is a creation of British animation. She is a princess with round, dough yees and very beautiful hair. She is nice, amiable, and very beautiful. Also, she is quite courageous and energetic as she is often in the hunt for many adventures and travel opportunities. Princess Irene was taken from the 1872 novel “The Princess and the Goblin.”

5. Bala


Bala is a one of a kind and unique princess because she is a princess of an entire ant colony! She is independent-minded, quite strong willed, and very loving towards her fellow ants. For an ant, she is utterly unique as she has blue eyes and a very enigmatic personality. She is able to rally her ant troopers for a common goal.

4. Pea


Just like Thumbelina, Pea is also a miniscule princess with a big heart and a courageous and strong mind. She is also very protective of her family and will do everything in her power just to keep them safe at all times. She comes from the European film “The Tale of the Desperaux.”

3. Selenia


Princess Selenia comes from the film “Arthur and the Invisibles” and is the princess of the Minimoys. She is one of those princesses who look rugged and quite athletic and not very feminine as other princesses are.

2. Princess Yum Yum

Princess Yum Yum

Princess Yum Yum comes from a British and Arabia-inspired film called “The Princess and the Cobbler and Arabian Nights.” Yum Yum is a beautiful princess – feminine but brave, beautiful but really a go-getter.

1. Melisande


One of the most unknown but extremely beautiful princesses ever would be Princess Melisande. She is has a lovely face and golden hair. She is also very womanly. She comes from the film “The Flight of the Dragon.”

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