Top 10 World’s Most Meaningful Jobs Today

Today, there are a lot of jobs that are known for their higher demand rate, salary and some other aspects. Now the question is, do you know what are those meaningful jobs that you can have someday? Here are the 10 most meaningful jobs today:

10. Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

CEO or Chief Executive Officer is the highest job position in a certain company. This is also the position perfect for the President of the company. During board meetings, the CEO would be the chairman. There are 82% of the people today who find this job very meaningful.

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9. Anesthesiologist


Anesthesiologist is anesthetist in British term. It’s one in-demand and meaningful job in the field of medicine. If you want to be an anesthesiologist, you have to be well-trained in perioperative medicine and anesthesia. There are 88% of people who believe that this job is meaningful enough.

8. Aircraft Test Pilot

Aircraft Test Pilot

Aircraft test pilot is the one who test flies all the newly-engineered aircrafts. It is show to determine if the aircraft is really functioning well, and if it is now ready for use. He/she is also the one who makes some suggestions to improve the functionality of the aircraft. The percentage of people who believe that this is a meaningful job is around 91%.

7. Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

It’s a profession in the medical field who deals with surgical operations around the thorax area of a person or the chest part. The organs involved are the heart, the lungs, the esophagus and a lot more. 91% of people find this work meaningful.

6. Obstetrician/Gynecologist


This particular medical professional has expertise in the female reproductive system, childbirth, and pregnancy. He/she is the one to ask when it comes to proper way of bearing a child in the womb. 95% of people believe that this job is meaningful.

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