Top Ten World’s Most Powerful People Today 2015

There are people who have huge influence towards the system. They have reached a stage from where policies can be impacted. They are the people who are molding the policies as per their wish. 2015 has so many such people who are simply called powerful people. If you want to know about them then here are the Top 10 most powerful people of the world in 2015.

10. Larry Page

Larry Page

The co-founder of Google, Larry continues to be one of the most powerful persons of the world. Google has become the spine of the society and he is the controller of the same.

9. Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin

The co-founder of Google was once immigrated to United States from Russia. He is now king of the web. His power is immense as Google is the backbone of our society.

8. Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi

He can influence the economy of the world at any point of time. He is the President of the Central Bank of EU. He is the leader of the world’s largest economic zone that is called Euro Zone.

7. Bill Gates

Bill Gates

The man who changed the world with Microsoft, Bill Gates is one of the most powerful people in the world. He has 84 US billion dollar assets and was the richest man on the earth for 15 consecutive times. He has founded Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has spent 30 US billion dollar to eradicate preventable disease, especially from the third world country.

6. Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen

She chairs the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. She has the power to impact the entire world economy with the access to US dollars.

5. Angela Markel

Angela Markel

She is the most powerful woman in the world. She is the Chancellor of Germany, President of European Council and the chairperson of G8. She has a huge influence over EU economy and other matters.

4. Pope Francis

Pope Francis

He is the current Pope of the 1.2 billion Roman Catholic of the world. He has great power and authority bestowed upon him and can publicly voice his opinion. His voice can impact any mass decision.

3. Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

The President of China has the power to influence any decision. One of the strongest economies China has an active and huge troop. It is also the manufacturing hub of the world.

2. Barack Obama

Barack Obama

The President of United States, Barack Obama has immense power to influence the world. Starting from political to economical, Obama can impact any country far away from US. He is the head of the World’s strongest economy and Power.

1. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

He is the most powerful person of the world. He is the President of Russia and is aggressive in nature. He is an unfettered and strong leader who does not really bother about other’s opinion. He recently annexed Crimea from Ukraine and that shows his power.

These people have huge power and influence. They can make an impact at the world stage. It is up to them which way they want to use their power.

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