Top 10 Most Reliable Web Hosting Companies 2015

With internet becoming the way of life, it is now essential for every business to have a website to get going in the big way. Web hosting companies play a key role in this process, as they facilitate internet connectivity as well as provide space on the server for them. There are a number of web hosting companies in the market today, which are chosen on the basis of the quality of service provided by them, customer service and support.

Here are the top 10 most reliable web hosting companies:


Web com

Website :

One of the best web hosting companies in the world is, which provides unlimited bandwidth along with making site building service available for the clients. Available at a subscription price of $ 0.50 per month, it also happens to be the most economical option.

9. Bluehost


Website : www

Next on this list is the web hosting company called bluehost, which also provides unlimited space and bandwidth. Additionally, it offers anytime money back guarantee along with advertising credit worth $ 200 absolutely free. Price per month is $ 3.49.

8. FatCow


Website : www

With unlimited space and bandwidth and free advertising credits of $ 200, the company called FatCow is the next one to make it on the list. It gives a 30 day money back guarantee and is available at a very economical price of $ 0.30 per month.

7. Hub


Website : www

Hub is a reliable web hosting company, which provides its excellent services for an economical price of $ 1.99 per month. The additional offers made available by the company include unlimited space and bandwidth and free advertising credits of $ 200. It also gives a 90 day money back guarantee.

6. Justhost


Website : www

The company called features next among the best web hosting companies in the world. This one too provides for unlimited bandwidth and space and anytime money back guarantee, along with the added incentive of fee advertising credit of $ 200. The monthly subscription is worth $ 2.50,

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