Top 10 Most Successful Football Clubs in the World

Success is something not all people can achieve. Most of the time, success are enjoyed by those people who are determined and eager enough to have it. They even sacrifice some important things just to attain success. When it comes to the football field, there are only few football clubs who enjoy success at the moment. Here are the 2015’s top 10 successful football clubs in the world.

10. Juventus


Since the beginning of this football club, it already enjoyed success even at the moment. It is all thanks to its famous and competent players such as Carlos Tevez. This club comes from Italy. Its revenue is around 240 million Euros.

9. PSG


August 12, 1970 was the exact date when this French football club established. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the star player of this club. Without him and some other excellent members of the team, the club will not gain its revenue that reaches as much as 379 million Euros.

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8. AC Milan

AC Milan

Founded in the year 1899, AC Milan reaches the pinnacle of success not that easily. It took more than a decade for the club to make it successful and stable when it comes to earnings and reputation. The star player of this Italian football club is none other than Mario Balotelli.

7. Dortmund


This football club has a rooster of superb football players. This is the main reason why it enjoys success in the last few years and even at the moment. The estimated revenue of this very successful club is around 270 million Euros.

6. Chelsea


Established in the year 1905, this football club is one of those oldest football clubs the world has to offer. Such club represents England. Eden Hazard is just one of its excellent players. There is approximately 400 million Euros revenue of this club in this particular year.

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