Top 10 Natural Arch Monuments in the World 2018

Natural Arch Monuments or Natural arches which are also called as natural bridges are formed naturally due to some geological changes to the rock thus forming it into an arch or a bridge. These natural arches are really very beautiful and attract more tourists around the world. Additionally, they become one of the most spectacular areas to visit and also add beauty to its whole country.

Thus, in other words, each of these natural arches are formed naturally either by the erosion of soft rock by water or wind or due to any other natural geological changes. People often visit these natural arches to experience the natural geological effects caused by the nature. Natural arches are normally found in the middle of the desert areas or on the cliffs which is surrounded by sea or river.

So, let us check out few of those important natural Arches around the world.

10. Moon Hill

Moon Hill

Moon hill is the one of the most famous natural arches in China and it is exactly located in the Yangshuo of southern China. It is called as “Moon hill” because of its moon shaped hole and consists of 800 marble steps which lead to the top of the hill to get a closer view of the famous moon hill.

This is a very famous destination for cycle riders and hill climbers. It has 14 routes for hill climbing and offers challenging adventurous rides for a professional or non-professional hill climber. Also, while cycling “Moon hill” looks different such as “half moon”, “Full moon” at different viewpoints.

The moon Hill hole is measured to be 50 m tall and 50 m wide and it takes 15 to 20 minutes by walk to reach this Moon Hill Hole. The best time to visit this Moon Hill is during its autumn season when the temperature will be moderate and mild. During summer, hill climbing can be done on early morning or late afternoon when the temperature will be less hot.

9. Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

This is located Rainbow Bridge National Monument near to the Lake Powell, Utah of United States of America. This is natural arch which takes the shape of “Adult Meander natural bridge” which is formed from the erosion of Navojo Sandstone. This is a spectacular Natural arch in the world which can be reached easily through two hours boat ride on the Lake Powell. This tourist place offers half day or full day boat tours from Wahweap Marina to Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

8. Morning Glory Natural Bridge

Morning Glory Natural Bridge

This is another famous Arch in the Utah region which is exactly located in the Negro Bill Canyon which is near Moab, Utah of United States of America. The arch span measures around 243 feet and it is said to be one the largest natural arches in the world. Height of this arch is 75 feet which may not be much photogenic or impressive when compared to other high natural arches in the world.

7. Aloba Arch

Aloba Arch

This is one of the largest and stunning natural arches in the world which is located in the Ennedi region of Sahara desert, Chad. The span of the arch measures around 250 feet and it is said to be formed under two stages of geological changes.

The upper half of the arch is formed at the end of fin of the sandstone and it can be said as a “Buttress type natural Arch”. The lower half of the Arch is located in the softer sandstone layer and takes the shape of “Meander type Natural Arch” which is 150 Feet higher than the famous Rainbow Bridge of Utah.

6. Qingxudong Arch

Qingxudong Arch

This arch is found in Dafang city which is close to the village named Tang Chang Ba, Guizhou province of China. The span of this arch is measured to be 251 feet and height is measured to be 246 feet.

5. Kolob Arch

Kolob Arch

This arch is found deep inside the Zion National park, United states of America. This has a natural span of 287 feet which is actually 3 feet less than that of Landscape Arch. Since this arch is found in the deepest remote area no visitors except cowboys, rangers, photographers, trekkers and climbers visit the Kolob arch area nowadays.

4. Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch

This is also a famous arch which is located in the “Devil’s garden” area of the Arches National Park, Utah, United States of America. This is one of the oldest arches in the world with a span measuring 290 feet long.

Landscape Arch was named by “Frank Beckwith” who was the leader of Arches National Monument Scientific Expedition and explored this area during winter season in the year 1933 to 1934.

3. The Arches of Etretat

The Arches of Etretat

This arch is located in the north western city Etretat of France. This area is very famous for its cliffs which are 300 feet high.  There are three famous natural arches lying in this area such as Porte d’ Aval, Porte d’Amount and La Manneporte.

Among this La Manne porte is a very famous natural arch and a famous French painter named “Claude Monet” depicted this arch in an oil painting in the year 1883.

2. Fairy Bridge

Fairy Bridge

This is another important natural arch that is located in north western Guangxi province, China. This Fairy Bridge is also called as Xianren Bridge and it is formed with the Limestone karst by the Buliu river. The span of the bridge measures 400 feet.

Until recently, this natural arch was unpopular outside China. But the team of NABS (Natural Arch and Bridge society) spotted it recently as one of the biggest natural arches in the world using the Google Earth. Experts also say that this Fairy Bridge can also be the largest Natural arch in the world.

1. Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National park which is located at eastern Utah, United States of America is the world’s leading natural arch area which consists of more than 2000 natural arches all over the region of Utah. The very famous natural arch among these 2000 arches is “Delicate arch” which receives more number of visitors and tourist attractions every year.

This park was established in the year 1929 and one of the “must visit” parks of natural arches in the world. Visitors spend the whole day in this huge area of more than 75,000 acres of land by walking, driving and spending their whole day very specially.

This park not only includes the natural arches but also other natural resources which are formed due to the geological changes.

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