Top 10 New Upcoming Technologies in 21st Century

There is a great deal of difference between the lives of people from the 20th century and those living now, and all the credit for it goes to the upsurge in science and technology. The same is going to happen in the coming times as there is going to be more advancement, which is going to bring about massive changes.

Here are the top 10 amazing upcoming technologies:

10. Interplanetary Internet

Interplanetary Internet

This may seem something farfetched, but interplanetary internet is the innovation we can expect in the future as man sets his foot on other planets of the galaxy. Someday, when this happens, IPN or Interplanetary Internet will be necessary to share information across the space.

9. Leap Motion

Leap Motion

Next among the top 10 new upcoming technologies of the future is leap motion, which will revolutionize the way you work on your computers. This technology will enable you to work on it in three dimensions, which makes it far superior and comfortable as compared to mouse, keyboard and even, touch screen.

8. Anti Aging

Anti Aging

Another incredible technology, which is likely to change the way we live in future is in the field of anti aging. There is a constant research in the field, with the aim to slow down the aging process and prolong life by methods other than cosmetic ones.

7. Google Driverless Car

Google Driverless Car

Next on this list is the upcoming technology called the Google Driverless Car, a project which aims to create technology for the cars of the future. The project is already underway and is headed by Sebastian Thrun, who has a major hand in development of Google Street View.

6. Air to Fuel

Air to Fuel

The ever rising prices of fuel have made it necessary to look for an alternative technology, which has given birth to the idea called Air to Fuel. It endeavors to produce synthetic petrol by making use of air and water, which can reduce problems such as global warming and shortage of energy sources in future.

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