Top 10 Real Facts About the Female Body

Since the beginning of time, man has always been fascinated with the female form. Unlike the male body which is hard, artless, and completely functional – the female body is described to be one that approaches the realm of art- graceful, beautiful, and something to behold.

However, a lot of us, through the ages, have so many misconceptions about the female body. Some are funny, others are outrageous, and many are rather hard to believe!

Here you will find out the top 10 female misconceptions about women and their bodies:

Wrong Belief #10: Menopause can cause sexual desire to fall

Though some elderly women experience a decrease in sexual desire, at least half of women above 50 years of age actually experience the opposite- there is a sudden spike in their sexual drive!

Wrong Belief #9: Women and men need equal sleep

Recent studies have shown that women actually need more sleep – at least 1 hour more than men. This is because they produce testosterone and progesterone – female hormones that are dependent on the amount of sleep that a woman gets.

Wrong Belief #8: A doctor can tell if the woman is a virgin

The reality is, doctors can not tell 100% whether a woman has had sexual contact or not. A woman’s genitalia does not have a lock or a zipper that gets “raptured” visibly after sexual contact.

Wrong Belief #7: Women cannot stimulate themselves

The habit of masturbating ismore closely associated with men – teenage boys in particular. However, studies have shown that a great majority of women also engage in female masturbation. What’s even more interesting is the fact that a lot of women feel more sexually satisfied when they pleasure themselves than with a partner. As one candid woman puts it,”at least I’m going to bed with someone I like…”

Wrong Belief #6: Erect nipples mean that a woman is sexually stimulated

While this may be partially correct – erect nipples could also mean that a woman feels cold or tickled. Actually, it is the cold weather that usually causes erect nipples for women -more than their husbands or boyfriends.

Female Body

Wrong Belief #5: A larger woman needs a larger tampon

A woman’s height, weight, nor body frame have no direct correlation with the size of her vagina or its opening – which is called the cervix. A tall woman and a female midget can actually have very identical cervical measurements down there.

Wrong Belief #4: Educated women have weak wombs

There used to be a prevalent belief that the more a woman is educated, the less chance for her to have a healthy pregnancy and deliver a baby. There is simply no connection between educational attainment and childbirth! This misconception probably stemmed from the fact that women who prioritize their education tend to delay getting pregnant – with a good number of them delaying having a baby until they reach their thirties or even their forties. As a woman ages, her hormones also change and this has a direct effect on her body- including the ability to get pregnant.

Wrong Belief #3:Breasts function as a woman’s armor of protection

Female breasts actually have important functions for women – first of which is to store breast milk after pregnancy. Breasts also serve a function during sexual contact – as women also derive pleasure when their breasts are stimulated.

Wrong Belief #2:Menstruation expels cursed blood

Menstrual blood is actually composed of the egg cell that was not fertilized and a lining of the uterus that is made up of thickened blood. Upon ovulation, the uterine lining of the woman is thickened to prepare for a possible fertilization of the ova or the female egg cell. If the woman is not sexually active, the egg cell simply disintegrates and the thickened lining of the uterus disintegrates too. These components form menstrual blood.

Wrong Belief #1: Women do not experience menstruation until they have had their first sexual intercourse

Menstruation is actually one sign that the female reproductive system – composed of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes- is slowly maturing. This means that a woman who has experienced her first menstruation can already get pregnant. Why? This is because her ovaries can already produce a mature egg cell. The egg cell refers to the female gamete that can be fertilized by a man’s male gamete or sperm cell. Menstruation has nothing to do with sexual contact!

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