Top 10 Richest Families in United States

The United States of America is the most powerful country the world has to offer. This is a very progressive nation that is built with a number of business companies that are owned by wealthy American families. These companies are offering various products and services needed by the people within and outside the country.

In this regard, 10 richest families in the United States

10. Duncan Family, $22.4 Billion

Duncan Family, $22.4 Billion

Dan Duncan, the patriarch of the Duncan family, came from a poor family in Texas. Because of his great effort in establishing companies regarding gas and oil pipelines, the family has its fortune founded in the year 1968. At the age of 77, he left his wealth to his 4 children. They are Scott Duncan, Dannine Duncan Avara, Milane Frantz, and Randa Duncan Williams.

9. (Edward) Johnson Family, $26 Billion

(Edward) Johnson Family, $26 Billion

49% of stock shares in Fidelity is owned by the Johnson family. Just in case you don’t know, Fidelity is known to be the 2nd biggest mutual fund firm that the United States has to offer. The company headquarters of the family can be located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was in 1946 when the family’s fortune was founded.

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8. S.C. Johnson Family, $28.8 Billion

S.C. Johnson Family, $28.8 Billion

It was in the year 1886 when the family’s great fortune was founded. The huge income comes from the family’s company that is making various cleaning products in the entire USA such as Shout, Glade, Windex, and Ziploc. The family’s company headquarters can be located in Racine, Wisconsin.

7. Pritzker Family, $30 Billion

Pritzker Family, $30 Billion

Hyatt Hotels are owned by the Pritzker family. The family also has owned investment related companies. It was in the year 1936 when the family’s fortune was founded. The company’s headquarters of the family is located in Chicago, Illinois. There are 13 individuals who are sharing with the fortune of the family.

6. Hearst Family, $32 Billion

Hearst Family, $32 Billion

It was in the year 1887 when the fortune of the family was founded. The main source of income of the family is the Hearst Corporation. The company’s headquarters can be located in New York City, New York. There are a number of family members who are sharing with the whopping money of the family, around 66 individuals.

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