Top 10 Richest Personalities in France Today 2015

France is one of the heavily industrialized countries in the world. The seventh largest economy as per purchase power parity, France has produced many billionaires and continues to have them. The country has many rich people. Here is the list for top 10 richest people in France.

10. Xavier Niel

Xavier Niel

He has seen a huge boost in his wealth due to the rose share of Iliad, the parent company id his Telecom outfit Free. He is ranked 154th in the world and currently has $8.4 billion of wealth.

9. Vincent Bollore

Vincent Bollore

The chairman and CEO of Bollore Group, the 62 year old billionaire have taken his company to new heights and made it one of the 500 largest companies of the world. He is currently 152nd in the World list and has $8.6 billion of wealth.

8. Patrick Drahi

Patrick Drahi

The 50 year old founder of Altice, a multinational telecommunications company is 8th on the list. He has the wealth of $8.6 billion and currently 151st in the world’s list.

7. Gerard Wertheimer

Gerard Wertheimer

He is the head of the French luxury brand Chanel. He is the head of company’s watch division which was established in 1909 by his grandfather. He has the wealth of $8.7 billion and is currently 147th in the world’s list.

6. Alain Wertheimer

Alain Wertheimer

He is co-owner of Chanel and is the chairman of the company. His current wealth is $8.7 billion and is the 147th on the list.

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