Top 10 Super Hit Bollywood Item Songs Ever

Every year numerous numbers of Bollywood songs come to enthrall the people. However, only few remain in the trend for long time. But the items songs are most catchy last for long time. Most of the Bollywood movies now come with an Item Song to woo the audience. However, if you go back to the all items songs then very few still remain as the best. Here are the Top 10 Bollywood Item Songs ever.

10. Babuji Zara Dhire Chalo

This was one of the craziest Item Song ever. The song was featured in the movie ‘Dum’ starring Vivek Oberoi and Dia Mirza. Yana Gupta sizzled in the item song and soon hit the chartbusters. The catchy tone and powerful singing of Sonu Kakkar made it one of the biggest hits.

9. Character Dheela

It became the Party Song in every DJ in India after it was released. The powerful words and rocking music made it one of the best item songs. The song was featured in the movie ‘Ready’ and Salman Khan and Zarine Khan featured in the song. Neeraj Shridhar gave his voice to this song.

8. Kajra Re

This is one of the songs that feature all Bachhan Family together in a screen. The song was one of the crazy hits and Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, Abhisekh Bachhan and Amitabh Bachhan all featured in this famous song. Alisha Chinoy, Shankar Mahadevan and Javed Ali gave voice to this song.

7. Yeh Mera Dil Yaar ka Deewana

This is an item song that has been featured twice and both the times it has hit the chartbusters. Helen sizzled with Amitabh Bachhan in the cult movie Don for this song for the first time. However, this song was again featured in the remake of the Don movie with Kareena Kappor and Shah Rukh Khan.

6. Mehboba Mehboba

This was one of the first item songs of Bollywood that set the tone. The song from Sholay featured Helen and RD Burman gave his famous voice to this song. This is still one of the most popular items songs in Bollywood.

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