Top 10 Toughest Running Events in the World

Interestingly it can be said that, the people have a general liking towards the toughest of challenges. Seemingly, the human population is always keen on taking up these challenges and making a mark with them. The toughest of all time races is predominantly inclusive of the premier challenges of making it through some of the most hostile terrains. Be it the scorching heat of the deserts, the shivering cold of the Antarctic or the most venomous animals across the Brazilian Rainforest, people seem to have no respite from taking on these challenges.

Here is a list of the toughest races on the planet, which you would surely think twice before participating in.

10. Spartathlon


This ancient Greek race has its origin to the days of History. However, the moderately challenging racetrack and a relatively easier terrain are a blissful opportunity for the racers to make it through with the event. The event is fast-paced as it is generally of around 36 to 40 hours. The fast-paced nature of the event makes it a pretty challenging one even though the terrain and race course is rather the easiest among all.

9. Ultra-Trail Mont Blanc

Ultra-Trail Mont Blanc

This is the toughest European racing event and it is held on Mount Blanc across the French Alps. This makes it 9th to the list, as it is a fairly easier event than the others are. The qualification levels are pretty difficult as the athlete needs to take part in a lot of the premier competition to make it into this event. The cool and pleasant temperatures of the alpine region make it an easier terrain compared to the others. But the long stretch is certainly not at all easy.

8. Jungle Marathon across the Brazilian Rainforest

Jungle Marathon across the Brazilian Rainforest

This race stretches across the Brazilian rainforest and is unlike the typical desert and snow landscape found in the former racecourses. The place is nevertheless not at all less challenging as the high humidity and the extremely high heat makes the racers sweat for their breath. The 200 Km stretch is ought to be completed in six stages across 7 days and this is indeed challenging. The terrain is perhaps among the most challenging since the avid moisture content is never a real help to the racers.

7. The Sahara Desert March

The Sahara Desert March

7th on the list is the Sahara Desert Marathon. This marathon stretches across the largest desert on the planet and therefore, it is ought to be tough. This is the last course within “Racing the Planet” edition and is generally conducted during the month of October. The race is 250 Kilometres long and has been known to pass through some of the greatest archaeological relics of the world. The race can thus be defined to be less competitive and more of a grand tour to world heritage. However, the racers are not provided respite from the scorching heat of around 40 to 50 degree Celsius.

6. Atacama Crossing

Atacama Crossing

This race is yet another fundamental part of racing the planet series and it stretches across 250 Kilometres through the Atacama Desert. The place is among the driest places on Earth and the arid conditions make it an extremely tough challenge for the participants. It takes place every year in March and during that period of time the temperatures have been known to go up as much as 30 to 35 degrees. The temperature is rather cooler when compared to the other places and this is owing to the cooling influence of the Humboldt Currents.

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