Top 10 Unusual Foods Eaten By the People

Eating different kinds of delicious dishes is what many people love to do these days. Even so, it cannot be denied that there are many individuals today who are hooked into eating bizarre food items cooked in the four corners of the world.

In relation to this, here are the top 10 unusual foods eaten by the people:

10. Sannakji


This unusual Korean dish is also known as Sannakji Hoe. It is a raw food consisting nakji, which is a small octopus cut into smaller pieces while it is still alive. After cutting it into smaller cuts, it is then seasoned lightly with sesame oil and sesame seeds. What makes it very unusual is the fact that you will eat alive.

9. Fugu


The truth is, Fugu is the Japanese name of the extremely poisonous sea creature, pufferfish. This is considered to be an unusual food since it is cooked into a delicious Japanese dish in a number of Japanese restaurants that can be found all over the world. Tetrodotoxin is the specific poison contained by Fugu.

8. Fried Brain Sandwich

Fried Brain Sandwich

This is a typical sandwich dish made from sliced breads and fried brain of calves. This is commonly served in a number of restaurants and burger junctions in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. For buttered calves’ brain placed in between of hamburger buns, you should go to Ohio River Valley. In El Salvador and Mexico, tacos and burritos are used instead of sliced breads or hamburger buns.

7. Haggis


This is a bizarre Scottish dish that is made from lungs, heart, liver and some other sheep’s internal organs. These ingredients are mixed together with spices, salt, mutton’s fat or raw beef, and some chopped onions. All the final mixed products are then placed into the animal’s stomach skin. For around 3 hours, these are simmered and cooked.

6. Yak Penis

Yak Penis

This is a very popular bizarre Chinese food item used in cooking a very delicious Chinese dish. There are lots of restaurants in China that are cooking this unusual food and some other animal testicles. One renowned restaurant in the said country that is cooking Yak penis dish can be found in Beijing, and this is none other than Guolizhuang Restaurant.

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