Top 10 Weird and Unusual Sports in The World

When you name football, basketball, baseball, cricket or soccer, everyone will automatically tell you that they are aware of the games as they normally attract attention all over the world. But there are some games like Botaoshi, Bead and Mustache Championship, Bed racing or beer can regatta and people will be astonished as to when did they become games. The aforementioned don’t get much attention as they are rare and even dangerous to play at times.

Some of the 10 weirdest games played across the world include

10. Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing

This is a game which combines chess and boxing. It is played alternately between chess and boxing where both brawn and brain is required in order to play the game. For one to win, he must have both the thinking capacity, very sharp and also strong in body to enable him to play chess in the middle of boxing. The game in most cases last eleven rounds with each round starting with 4 minutes chess play followed by a 2 minutes boxing round. For one to win the game you can either win the chess game, knock down an opponent,  or the judge’s decision. It is a popular sport in England and Germany, but gaining popularity worldwide.

9. Buzkashi


Though it is not popular worldwide, it is a favorite sport in Afghanistan, where it is referred to as a national sport. In order to be a winner, one needs to seize a medium sized decapitated animal like a calf, sheep or goat and get it on a horseback.  There is only one decapitated animal with so many participants chasing after it. When you become the lucky participant, ride with it for a short while, then deposit it in a circle and become a winner. At times the game becomes nasty because all the participants are scrambling for the animal.

8. Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey

We all know about ice hockey, now there is this game which has been introduced,underwater hockey where the rules are similar, the only difference is what players use;  they use plastic or wooden sticks to push a metal puck around the pool’s floor. Such an interesting game indeed.

7. Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling

This is a very simple game where a cheese wheel is thrown down a hill and so many people go after it. If you are the first person to get the ring and cross the finish line with it, you win the game and keep the ring. It is the other version for buzkashi.

6. Street Luge

Street Luge

This sport combines the gentleness of pavement and safety concern of Luge. Participants lie on a wide skateboard which is designed for the human body. They then ride it down a paved course or road. The rest of the work is done by gravity.

5. Shin Kicking

Shin Kicking

This is a terrible sport where you kick your opponent on the shin until they fall down. It is a ruthless sport where in order to win, you have to be so rough on your opponent to hit him hard so that he can fall and also be strong enough to endure your opponent’s kicks. It  boasts its origins in England and it is sometimes referred to as English Martial Arts. There is a World Shin Kicking Championship, which is normally held annually as part of the Cotsworld Olympic Games. In modern games, soft shoes are worn.

4. Bed Racing

Bed Racing

It is a sport which is embraced by the people of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. A team of six race with one teammate on a bed. Each team decorates its bed and decorated it according to the theme of the year. The bed is not an ordinary bed as it has to be able to rolled on four wheel and be able to float on water as the final challenge is about floating on water.

3. Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing

It is all about getting your blood pumping really hard while you iron. Whatever it takes for the adrenaline in your blood to rise while you are ironing, do it. Even if it means jumping over a cliff.That is what the game is all about.

2. Wife Carrying

Wife Carrying

This is an interesting game where a male competitor carries a female competitor on the back. The female competitor grabs onto the neck and back of the partner while hanging upside down. The winner carries home beer worth the weight of the wife he carried….that is what happened to the winner of the championship which was held in Sonkajarvi, Finland.

1. Zorbing


This is a game where participant enter inside a giant inflatable ball which is made of transparent materials and roll down a gentle slope or on a level ground. The ball can accommodate upto 3 people making it even more fun.

The above games are likely sounding strange to so many people and even dangerous to say but the least, but they are still sports which are loved by some people who practice them.

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