Top 10 World’s Most Amazing Bridges

Bridges are very important structures that must be built with extremely durable foundation. These will serve as the way for people and vehicles to go to some other places without crossing the river, the sea, or the tricky path under the bridge. In this connection, here are 10 most amazing bridges that can be found in the world today:

10. Great Belt Bridge

Great Belt Bridge

This amazing bridge is an amazing and famous structure that can be found in the beautiful country of Denmark. It connects the island of Zealand to Funen. It officially functions starting year 1998 until now. It measures 6,790 meters long and 254 meters in height.

9. Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

When it comes to amazing historic structure, Ponte Vecchio bridge is something that must not be forgotten. It’s one of the oldest structures that can be found in Europe, specifically in Italy. The main material used in constructing it is stone. But originally, it was made of wood.

8. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

It’s among those oldest suspension bridges Unites States has to offer. Its full structure was completed way back in the year 1883. This is an iconic bridge that can be specifically found in New York. In fact, it’s considered to be a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark and a National Historic Landmark.

7. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

This bridge is amongst those most amazing and famous landmarks in the world. It’s exactly located in the city of London. The brilliant designers of this amazing Victorian bridge were Wolfe Barry and Horace Jones. Its completion date can be dated back to 1894.

6. Akashi Kaikyo or Pearl Bridge

Akashi Kaikyo or Pearl Bridge

The central span of this suspension bridge is around 1,991 meters, making it to be the longest bridge in the world when it comes to central span measurement. It was completed way back in the year 1998. This amazing bridge can be located in Kobe-Naruto, Japan.

5. Oliveira Bridge

Oliveira Bridge

In terms of height, this bridge is 450 feet tall. It’s constructed over the magnificent Pinheiros River that is exactly located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. What make this bridge really amazing are its X shape and the cables that hold the bridge. It was in May 2008 when such amazing bridge began fully functioning.

4. Rolling Bridge

Rolling Bridge

This bridge is not only amazing, but an award-winning one as well. It’s very amazing to watch this bridge when it curls up in order to let the boats pass. It’s just like a normal footbridge made from steel and timbers but its total structure and features are truly amazing. Heatherwick Studio is the brilliant designer of this bridge in London.

3. Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

This amazing bridge in China 35,673 meters long, and it has 6 lanes. It connects the city of Shanghai and Ningbo. This bridge is intentionally built as the best solution for the congesting traffic observable in the region. Under this bridge is the magnificent Hangzhou Bay.

2. Banpo Bridge

Banpo Bridge

What made Banpo bridge very amazing are the 10,000-nozzle fountains installed in both sides of the bridge. These fountains are installed last September 9, 2008. 190 tons of water will be pumped out every minute in this bridge. It’s now one of the breathtaking tourist sights in South Korea.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

This amazing suspension bridge in San Francisco, California measures 4,200 feet in length. It began functioning way back in the year 1937. The American Society of Civil Engineers considered it as amongst those Wonders of the Modern World.

These are the 10 most amazing bridges worldwide. Seeing these bridges in person will certainly blow your mind away.

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