Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Horses

Horses are domestic animals that belong to the taxonomic family known as Equidae. Before, horses are just small multi-toed creatures. But today, it seems that horses amazingly evolved into bigger, single-toed animals. Horses have different breeds, causing them to have varied beauties and appearances. Here are the 10 most beautiful attractive horses you can ever find in the world today:

10. Mustang Horse

Mustang Horse

This horse is known to be the very first descendant of horses in Americas brought by Spanish people. You can see a lot of Mustang horses in the North American west. Mustang horses are also known as feral horses because they are descendants of one kind and breed of a horse.

9. Dalmatian Horse

Dalmatian Horse

Every year, there are less than 200 Dalmatian horses being born in the United Kingdom. This is how rare this breed of horses is. British Spotted Pony is the other name of Dalmatian horse. This is one of the modern breeds of horses existing nowadays.

8. Friesian Horse

Friesian Horse

Friesians are very in demand in the entire Europe in the past years. During Middle Ages, Friesians are widely used in wars. They are the famous horses used by knights who are wearing heavy armors. Originally, this breed of pretty horse came from Friesland, Netherlands.

7. Marwari Horse

Marwari Horse

This pretty breed of horse is common in India. Marwari horses are very popular because of their hardiness as well as their inward-turning ear tips. This breed comes with different equine colors. However, the most in demand one to the buyers and breeders are those that have pinto patterns of colors.

6. Andalusian Horse

Andalusian Horse

This individual breed of beautiful horse is very popular for its prowess as a war breed of horse. It is also known for its nobility. This breed of horse is said to be originated in the Iberian Peninsula, and this is a Pure Spanish Horse.

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