Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Accidents in History

There are lots of historical facts being gathered and written by a lot of historians. These historical facts are taught and discussed in almost all schools worldwide. Now do you know that there were accidents in the past that were extremely expensive? Yes, you read it right. Here are 10 expensive accidents in the past that you must know:

10. Sinking of the Titanic

Sinking of the Titanic

It was way back on April 15, 1912 when the sinking of Titanic happened. This was after colliding into an iceberg. There are over 1,500 individuals who passed away because of this excruciating Titanic tragedy. $150 million was lost because of this accident.

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9. Tanker Truck Accident in Wiehltal Bridge

Tanker Truck Accident in Wiehltal Bridge

The total worth of damage in this accident that happened on August 26, 2004 is around $358 million. While running in the Wiehltal Bridge in the beautiful country of Germany, a tanker truck collided to a car. This tanker was filled with fuel, around 32,000 liters.

8. Chatsworth Train Collision

Chatsworth Train Collision

This was a collision between the Metrolink commuter train and the Union Pacific freight train. The said collision took place in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California on September 12, 2008. There were 25 individuals who were killed in this accident, and $500 million was the total worth of damage.

7. B-2 Bomber Crash

B-2 Bomber Crash

This accident had cost $1.4 billion. What made it expensive was the B-2 Stealth bomber itself. This accident happened on February 23, 2008. The specific place where it happened was in Guam’s Andersen Air Force case. Erroneous system control in the computer data was said to be the main cause of it.

6. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

It happened when a giant tanker known as Exxon Valdez sank in the Gulf of Alaska. It happened way back on March 24, 1989. There were 11 million gallons spilled oil in this accident, making the bigger portion of the ocean polluted. Such human-caused environmental disaster had cost $2.5 billion.

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