Top 10 World’s Most Famous Paintings of all Time

Painting is a work of art that any painter can be very proud of. Several years in the past and even up to now, there are lots of painters that the world has to offer. Some of them managed to make a big name in the painting industry. The thing now is, what are those most famous paintings well-crafted by world-renowned painters?

10. Guernica


Pablo Picasso finished painting this extremely popular work of art in the year 1937. He painted it in Paris. His inspiration for this painting was the Guernica’s bombing happened during the times of Spanish Civil War. Guernica is one particular place in Spain. Today, the original copy of this painting can be seen in Madrid, Spain; in Museo Reina Sofia to be exact.

9. Self-Portrait Without Beard

Self-Portrait Without Beard

Vincent Van Gogh, who happened to be the painter of this painting, was actually a man of beard. But with this painting, he displayed his own self without a beard. In the year 1998, such beautiful painting was sold with the price of $71.5 million. Hence, it is currently private-owned.

8. The Night Watch

The Night Watch

Rembrandt Van Rijn was the one who painted this artwork. He finished painting it in the year 1642. Such painting shows a number of city guards who had Captain Frans Banning Cocq as the leader. If you will go to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, you can see such famous artwork.

7. Girl With A Pearl Earring

Girl With A Pearl Earring

This very beautiful painting is about a girl who wears a pearl earring. This is a masterpiece of a Dutch painter known as Johannes Vermeer. Many people branded this painting as “Mona Lisa of the north” or “the Dutch Mona Lisa”. It is currently displayed in the Netherlands, particularly in Mauritshuis Gallery.

6. The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory

According to the experts, The Theory of Relativity of Albert Einstein was the inspiration of this painting. Salvador Dali, who happened to be a Spanish painter, was the one who painted and finished it in the year 1931.

5. The Scream

The Scream

With the use of pastel, oil, and a cardboard, Edvard Munch painted The Scream and finished it in the year 1893. Oslo, Norway is the place to go if you want to see this famous painting.

4. Starry Night

Starry Night

This is another excellent work of art done by Vincent Van Gogh. Don McLean’s song titled “Vincent” was the inspiration of the painter in making this wonderful work of art. It is currently displayed in New York City, particularly in the Museum of Modern Art.

3. The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam

This painting is full of history and sacredness. It is simply because Vatican City’s The Sistine Chapel displays such painting on its ceiling structure. It was between 1508 up to 1512 when Michelangelo painted this work of art.

2. The Last Supper

The Last Supper

This painting is all about Jesus and his disciples who were having their last supper. Late 15th century was the time when Leonardo da Vinci painted this work of art in the back wall of Santa Maria delle Grazie’s dining hall. It is actually a monastery located in Milan, Italy.

1. Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Before Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519, he created a very precious work of art that is the number one popular painting all over the world. Paris currently has this famous painting, particularly the Louvre Museum

These are the 10 most famous paintings excellently painted by world-renowned painters. These works of art are definitely priceless ones.

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