Top 10 World’s Most Romantic Nationalities

Romance is all in the genes, which is the reason why people of some backgrounds are more expressive about their love as compared to others. People of certain ethnicity have a stronger flair for professing their affection and some countries have established a reputation for being the ultimate romantics.

Here is a list of top ten most romantic nationalities in the world:

10. Indian

Indian Romantic Nationalities

India, being the home of the most amazing epitome of love, the Taj Mahal is regarded as the country of the most romantic people in the entire Asia. Perhaps the credit goes to Bollywood, which uses the age old formula of love stories in most of its movies.

9. Irish

Irish Romantic Nationalities

The Irish make it next on the list of top 10 most romantic nationalities in the world, thanks to their charming smiles and winning attitude. These people use these personality traits to win over the hearts of their loved ones.

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8. Swedish

Swedish Romantic Nationalities

Swedish men are not only known for their romantic streak, but also the fact that they make a perfect husband material. Their disarming smile and well decked appearance make strong points in their favor as far as romance is concerned.

7. Americans

Americans Romantic Nationalities

The next name on the list of top 10 most romantic nationalities in the world is that of the Americans, who have taught the world about celebrating love with rituals like candle light dinners with wine and gifts like flowers and chocolates. In fact, rituals of courtship have been given to the world by these romantic people.

6. Lebanese

Lebanese Romantic Nationalities

Lebanon is much different from the other Arab countries as far as romance is concerned, because the people of the Lebanese nationality are not only good looking but also liberal in their attitude. And it is a cool place to live in, with a large number of nightclubs and restaurants for romantic get together.

5. Argentine

Argentine Romantic Nationalities

When you talk about Argentina, love and passion are the first things which come to mind. The Latin American nation is known for its seductive people, sensuous dances and fine taste in wine.

4. Spanish

Spanish Romantic Nationalities

The number 4 spot in the list of top 10 most romantic nationalities in the world is occupied by the citizens of Spain, who are regarded as some of the most passionate and seductive people around the globe. They have sexy eyes and charming looks.

3. Brazilian

Brazilian Romantic Nationalities

When it comes to sensuality and love, the Brazilians are not far behind. The nation gets the reputation of being very open about love and sex, and their hot and bold attitude is reflected in everything they do, right from samba to the carnival revelry.

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2. French

French Romantic Nationalities
France is considered as the ultimate lover’s paradise, with Paris being regarded as the romance capital of the world. The French are known to make an open display of their feelings for the special ones in their lives.

1. Italian

Italian Romantic Nationalities

The list of most romantic nationalities in the world is led by none other than the Italians, the most sizzling people in the world. They are famous for their sexual abilities as well as their openness about their love and passion.

All these nationalities have earned passionate reputation due to their expressive and loving nature.

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