Top 10 World’s Worst Countries for Women in 2015

Every country all over the world is composed of human beings living with their own unique lives. Human beings have two genders, and these are men and women. However, almost all countries these days are facing gender issues such as inequality among men and women. Here are the top 10 worst countries for women:

10. India

Worst Women India

Domestic violence among women in this South Asian country is very visible. In fact, Renuka Chowdhury, who happens to be a junior minister for child development and women, once said that 70% of Indian women experience domestic violence. Human trafficking is experienced by approximately 100 million Indian women..

9. Pakistan

Worst Women Pakistan

This sovereign country lies in the Southern part of Asia. It has around 191 million citizens living in the different places. Islamabad is the country’s capital city. In this country, women are the ones who will receive the punishments when men commit crimes. Honor killings among women are also visible here.

8. Iraq

Worst Women Iraq

Republic of Iraq is a Muslim country that is exactly located Western Asia. Its capital is the Baghdad City. Approximately, its population reaches 33.42 million. Once scenario that confirms that it is a worse country for women was when women were violently treated by Saddam Hussain during his leadership

7. Somalia

Worst Women Somalia

This African country has Mogadishu as its capital city. Unfair treatment to women is extremely observable here, especially in Mogadishu. It was in this city where a vicious civil war that targeted women happened. Moreover, genital mutilation is faced by 95% of girls who fall under the bracket of 4-11.

6. Mali

Worst Women Mali

It is one of the poorest countries the world has to offer. Genital mutilation is one major issue experienced by women in this country. What’s even worse is there are no laws implemented for this problem. Lots of women here are also experiencing forced marriage even at the very young age.

5. Guatemala

Worst Women Guatemala

Some of the major issues experienced by a lot of women in this country are rape and domestic violence. Moreover, a lot of women in this country are prone to HIV infection since they are forced to become sex slaves.

4. Sudan

Worst Women Sudan

This African country has several reformed laws that can help those women who are abused in the society. Even so, there are still places in this country like Darfur that have no strict laws regarding women abuse. As a matter of fact, there were 1 million women who were raped and abused in the said place way back in 2003.

3. Democratic Republic of Congo

Worst Women Republic of Congo

This country may seem to have no respect to women. In fact, there are around 1,100 women here who are being raped on a daily basis. There are already 200,000 rape cases reported in this country from 1996 up to this day.

2. Afghanistan

Worst Women Afghanistan

When it comes to maternal mortality rate, Afghanistan has the highest one compared to some other countries all over the world. 85% of pregnant women in this country give birth without experiencing the needed medical attention from the experts. Moreover, education is discouraged to Afghan women, making them to be illiterate in their whole life.

1. Chad


Women in this country are not given great importance. They are always subjects for violence and rape. Arranged marriages are popular here. What is even worse is the fact that the girls who are arranged for marriage are usually 11-12 years old.

These are the top 10 worst countries for women. These bits of information are something that everybody must inculcate in their minds.

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