Top 10 Worst Hollywood Movie Sequels

Hollywood films become franchises or installments when its creators decide to release more movies using the original template. Characters are resurrected, new plotlines are drawn, and certain styles are rehashed or reinvigorated for cinematic effect. Producers and filmmakers result to this when the original film becomes a huge box office hit, and sequels are created to keep the revenues coming – sometimes to detrimental effects.

There have been many sequels that were successful and critically acclaimed. Examples of these include The Godfather from the 1970’s, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, there are sequels that are on the opposite side of the spectrum.

This list will let you in on the top 10 worst Hollywood sequels ever made. How many of these were you able to see in cinemas?

10. Taken


Liam Neeson’s career was resurrected when he starred in the original film Taken back in 2010. The film made a huge profit in the box office that producers decided to make 2 more installments – so far. The installments were still entertaining and action-packed, but critics have complained that the central character of Neeson is already too tired and the film too formulaic to warrant more sequels in the future.

9. Jaws


The original Jaws film was a huge critical and commercial success. Made by no less than THE Steven Spielberg, it emphasized a man versus nature theme that made it an artistic triumph as well. Though Spielberg was quite tired to do a sequel, producers pressed him to do not 1, but 2 more sequels, due to the film’s box-office potential. Sadly, the sequels of Jaws became a rehashed and diluted horror film with very minute artistic merits.

8. Speed


Speed was a huge hit for its producers and its lead stars, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock – making them more bankable and more popular in Hollywood. The original film was a real adrenaline rush, filled with suspense that will keep the viewers at the edge of their seats. Producers ordered a sequel because of its box office promise. Nevertheless, the original director and the original writers of Speed did not return for the sequel – including lead actor Keanu Reeves. Bullock returned in the sequel with a new lead partner, Jason Patric. New writers also explored a new angle for the sequel. Sadly, the film was panned by critics and was only a moderate success at the box office.

7. The Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows

The Blair Witch Project was a huge hit when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It had a unique style and a fresh approach to horror – it was truly a game changer. This prompted its producers to try to extend the film’s mass appeal by introducing a sequel after 2 years entitles – The Book of Shadows. The sequel failed to make any dent in both artistic and commercial spheres. It was soon forgotten.

6. American Psycho 2

American Psycho 2

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