Top 11 Most Unusual Deaths of Twenty first Century

Death is such a truth that it can never be falsified. But the sudden and most shocking deaths always have a bad impact on the people related to dead person. Unusual deaths are likewise puts a big question marks on the management and as well as on the multiple sources.

Many unusual deaths occurred in the 1st century that includes rare and unique events and circumstances to happen at the time of each and every unusual death. List of top 10 unusual deaths of 21st century that causes a dismay in the whole world is updated below.

11. Erika Tomanu

Erika Tomanu

The unusual death of the 21st century that leads the whole world into a complete shock is the death of Erika Tomanu, who was only seven year old girl from Japan. She set on death when 10 meters down powerful intake pipe in the water pool sucked the girl. Besides of having a grille and the life guards’ verbal warning to swimmers of being the pool safe, the little girl still sucked by the suction pump. According to resources, it took 6 hours to remove her body from the pumps.

10. Tugba Erdogan

Tugba Erdogan

The death of the 23 years old university girl is not less than a trauma for the world. She was a Turkish girl who died in the go-cart accident in the town of Istanbul. It is said that her scarf get stricken in the wheel of the cart which causes her to crash.

9. Kevin Whitrick

Kevin Whitrick

A 42 years old man, Kevin, committed suicide by hanging himself during a live chat on webcam. He in front of many users committed suicide while some people thought that it was a prank. A member in the chat room called police and they arrived at the scene two minutes later of his death.

8. Brittanie Cecil

Brittanie Cecil

The death of Brittanie Cecil is one of the most unusual deaths of the 21st He was a 13 year old boy who had great found of hockey. He died from the injuries when apuck of hockey at the game in Colombo, Ohio.

7. Brian Douglas Wells

Brian Douglas Wells

He was a pizza delivery man of Pennsylvania. He was killed by a time bomb that was clipped around his neck. It is said that he was caught by police after robbing a bank. And then he was forced tie a bomb around his neck by three people. The bomb exploded and became the cause of his death.

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