Top 15 Most Popular & Best TV Channels in the World 2016

Television is one of the most crucial innovations and that has paved way for the entertainment in life. There are many TV Channels that are very close to the audience for their program and broadcast. However, few remain the most popular and here is the list of Top 15 Most Popular TV Channels in the world.

15. Boomerang

Boomerang TV

Boomerang is one of the most popular channels and is termed as Best Family Channel. The channel is however based for the kids and cartoons in these channels are very popular.

14. BBC One


The British Channel BBC One is known for the dramas and is very popular. The drama series like Sherlock Homes are very popular along with many Quiz Shows like Pointless, Countryfile and others.

13. National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel TV

The NGC Channel is one of the most popular channels in the world. The adventure based channel is for the entire generation. It educates and teaches people with its program.

12. Showtime

Showtime TV

It is one of the best channels for TV shows and is widely popular. There are many famous TV Shows that have aired on this TV Channel like Borgias and Dexter. The Showtime is aired on many countries.

11. AMC


Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and many others are very popular TV shows in this channel. The AMC is one of the most popular channels for those who love watching TV Shows of different niches.

10. Star Sports

Star Sports TV

The Sports Channel is mostly based in the Asian Countries and broadcast sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Hockey and many others. The channel is owned by STAR TV and Fox International Channels.

9. MTV


The Music Channel is one of the most popular for range of music. The American Based Music Channel is available to almost every American household. The channel shows all the music chartbusters.

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