Top 20 Most Scariest Places in the World 2015-16

Have you ever experienced the scariest and the creepy places on the earth alone? I am sure that you don’t have enough guts to visit the places on the Earth that are more stranger than any alien or paranormal landscapes that we often watch in the films. These real life places are the one of the most terrifying places on the Earth that can make your skin crawl and beside anything else these places can induce heavy breathing and surely the goosebumps.

So here you can ride with us to the 20 most scariest and haunted places that exist on the Earth.

20. Pripyat


One of the scariest places in the world is the Prypiat, which is the abandoned city of Ukraine. The city is named after the river called, Prypiat River. These days, this city is now given been opened for the tourist’s visits due to the decreased levels of radiations.

19. Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard

Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard

Another scariest place in the world is the Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard that is located in New York. This also considered as the bizarre attraction which is the official dumping ground for tugboats, ferries and barges. That is why this graveyard represents the creepiest and terrifying scene while in the night.

18. San Zhi Resort

San Zhi Resort

This place was founded to create the luxury resorts for the tourists and visitors of Taiwan, but several terrifying and creepy accidents that took place in this resort makes it the one of the most haunted place on the Earth. That is the reason why government has banned this place and locals of Taiwan fear to venture this place.

17. Ryugyong Hotel

Ryugyong Hotel

Also known as the 105 Building, the Ryugyong Hotel is the one of the greatest architectural failures of the world. It is located in the North Korea and is the scariest hotel in the world because of the fact of its incompleteness every time it gets started.

16. Sighisoara


This is one of the real scariest places on the earth is the Sighisoara which is the ancient city of Romania. This place is best known for the birthplace of the most cruel emperor of the ancient times Vlad the Impaler. This is the reason why this place is counted as the creepiest places of the world.

15. Ghost City of Fengdu

Ghost City of Fengdu

As the name implies, this city is considered as one of the scariest and the creepiest places in the world. It is also known as the old ghost town or the hell on the earth. This place consists of the concept of underworld, hell and the dioramas. This place is full of burial sites that are the reason it is regarded as the terrifying place on the Earth.

14. Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House

It is the one of the strangest house which is located in the city of California. This house is made up of the confusing interior and the deliberately winding architecture that makes it still a mystery for the tourists.

13. Matsuo Ghost Mine

Matsuo Ghost Mine

This haunted place is located in the region of the Northern Japan. It is actually the sulfur mine that was extremely large enough to be haunted. It remained covered all the time that constantly cloaks the area.

12. Hellingly Hospital

Hellingly Hospital

Formerly, East Sussex County Asylum is one of the creepiest hospitals in the United Kingdom. This place is regarded as the strangest and the creepiest places of the world because of its insane asylum.

11. Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara Forest

Also known as the suicide forest is one of the creepiest places in the world. It is full of the dead bodies but also the dense shrubbery which makes it the haunted place. It is commonly the suicide site that is why it is listed among the creepiest places on the Earth.

10. Riddle House

Riddle House

This house is one of the mystery and the haunted places on the Earth. It is suggested that this house is haunted by the Spirit of Joseph who was the employee of Riddle. He committed suicide in the attic of the house. Besides the attic, many other places of the house are haunted as well.

9. Helltown


As the name suggests Helltown is also considered as one of the haunted places on the Earth that was formerly known as Boston Ohio. The legends of the Helltown added the extreme creep factor to the place.

8. Stull Cemetery

Stull Cemetery

An unincorporated community in the United States, Stull Cemetery is the population of approx. 20 people. This graveyard across the America are merely have become haunted because of its terrifying scenic view.

7. The Ridges

The Ridges

Also known as Athens Lunatic Asylum was the mental hospital that was renamed by the state. This place is listed as one of the most haunted place in the world by the British Society for Psychical Research. This place is haunted because of the murder of the 54 years old female patient.

6. Humberstone and Lanoria

Humberstone and Lanoria

This abandoned town is considered as one of the most haunted and the creepiest places on the Earth because of the cemetery of La Noria rise at night from its grave. It walk around the town and is rumored to be haunted by him.

5. Byberry Mental Asylum

Byberry Mental Asylum

Simply Byberry is considered to be the terrifying location because of the hauntings of the unsavory characters that venture after the dark. So this location was banned to be visited by the locals.

4. Leap Castle

Leap Castle

This castle is the popular location that is rumored to be haunted by the vast number of spirits and paranormal Morales. This place is recognized from the far off places because of the obnoxious odor of the rotting flesh and the Sulphur.

3. Shades of Death Road

Shades of Death Road

As the gooey name suggests, the place is regarded as to be the haunted places on the Earth because of the frequent roaming of the highwaymen victims across the whole area. Many policemen who started investigation of this place were shortly disappeared.

2. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

This place was used to torture the prisoners and later to murder them. It is rumored that ghosts of almost 17,000 victims roam and terrify the people who visit this place.

1. The Mines of Paris

The Mines of Paris

These mines were first used to discover precious and valuable things but now these mines of Paris are unsafe and potentially hazardous to the lame man. It is believed that the spirits and shadows dwell there and torture the persons who go there.

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