Top 6 Best Bicycle Brands In The World

Attraction might be temporary, but class is something permanent. Bicycle still having its signature impact is a perfect example of the above. In fact, in a seriously affected by pollution scenario, the usage of bicycles is greatly encouraged for the contemporary people. Good news is that more and more number of people has started realising this. In addition, the manufacturers are making more and more stunning and effluent. On this context, here we present some of the leading bicycle brands those are still standing tall in a machine dominating world.

1. Cannondale Bicycle Co

Cannondale Bicycle Co

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Cannondale Bicycle Corporation holds a huge reputation in the world of bicycles. They are the American branch of Dorel industries that holds an immense reputation in bicycle and related business. They have their main corporate centre in Bethel, and are having the production units in several Asian nations.

2. Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Giant Manufacturing Co Ltd

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They are considered the biggest production house for bicycles in Asia and over the globe. The best part in the process is that they hold a raving reputation for involving most skilled professionals in the work. They are having manufacturing units in parts like Taiwan, China, etc in Asia. Among those outside Asia, the Netherland unit is most known.

3. Raleigh Bicycle Company

Raleigh Bicycle Company

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They are considered most experienced players in bicycle manufacturing arena, and in fact running glorious since 1887 which is just incredible. This based in UK Company is pretty popular for their top quality. However, they are also having expertise in terms of producing motor bikes.

4. GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles

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