Top Ten Best NFL Teams of 2015

NFL stands for National Football League. It’s actually an American football league intended for professional footballers in the United States. It was founded on August 20, 1920. It’s one of those major leagues for sports happening in the world. Here are the top ten best NFL teams of 2015:

10. Bengals


This professional football team comes from Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s one of those teams under the North division in the National Football League. Marvin Lewis is the current head coach of this particular team. Orange and black are their trademark colors.

9. Steelers


This team is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It also belongs to the North Division just like the Bengals. This team is considered to be the American Football Conference’s oldest franchise. It was founded way back in the year 1933 by the brilliant man named Art Rooney. Its original name is Pittsburgh Pirates.

8. Cardinals


This team is the pride of Phoenix, Arizona in football. It belongs to the West Division. 1898 is the exact foundation year of this football team. It’s actually the United States’ oldest football team that is still very active in National Football League nowadays.

7. Ravens


It’s the pride of Baltimore, Maryland when it comes to football. It’s another team that belongs to the North Division. Their headquarters can be found in Owings Mills. It was in the year 1996 when this team was founded by Art Modell. Actually, the team is originally from Cleveland, but Modell decided to relocate it in Baltimore.

6. Cowboys


The headquarters of this professional football team can be found in Irving, Texas. It belongs to the National Football Conference’s East Division. The team is regularly playing in their home state in the AT&T Stadium located in Arlington. It was established 55 years ago; in the year 1960 to be exact.

5. Colts


This is the pride of Indianapolis, Indiana. Since 1984-2007, the team is constantly playing in RCA Dome. But today, they transfer to Lucas Oil Stadium. It belongs to the South Division group of American football teams. 1953 is the exact year when this team was established.

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4. Broncos


Denver, Colorado is the place represented by this football team. Just like the Indiana Colts, it also belongs to the West Division. It was in 1960 when this team began participating in the National Football League, which is also the exact year when the team was founded.

3. Packers


96 years ago, this football team was founded. It was in the year 1919. This team represents Green Bay, Wisconsin. It belongs to the North Division. It’s third on the rank of the oldest football team in the National Football League. It’s community-owned and the only one non-profit football team.

2. Patriots


Boston, Massachusetts is the place represented by the team. It was founded 55 years ago. It was in the year 1960. Gillette Stadium is the field where the team is regularly playing. It is a stadium located in Foxborough, Massachusetts. This team belongs to the East Division.

1. Seahawks


41 years ago, this football team that represents Seattle, Washington was established. To be exact, it was on June 4, 1974. It belongs to the West Division. Paul Allen, who happens to be the Microsoft’s co-founder, is the owner of this team.

These are the top ten best NFL teams of 2015. These teams are the perfect examples of excellent players in football.

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