Top Ten Pakistani Singers Famous in Bollywood

With so many legendary singers across the country, there are few who are extremely famous from our neighboring country, Pakistan. These singers are extremely amazing and talented singers who have made a mark in Bollywood, and their songs are extremely famous. With some great music and great lyrics they have made a remarkable name in the Indian Film industry and their songs are just brilliant. There are many Male and Female Singers whose talent cannot go unnoticed. Here is a list of such great talented artists who are just remarkable in their field. Mentioned below is a list of top ten Pakistani Singers who are famous in India.

10. Shafqat Ali Khan

Shafqat Ali Khan

Born in Pakistan, this famous singer of the other country has made a great name in India as well. He has got an amazing voice, and he has great voice, and many of his songs were used in Bollywood music like for example, Vichodeya ne, was featured.

9. ArifLohra


ArifLohar is a delegate of the legacy of customary Punjabi people music. This vocalist for Pakistan is known for the most part by his tong-like instrument called the Chimta, and his strong voice. He is most normally connected with the melodies Jugni, Chambey De Booti and particularly in India for his execution of the tunes on the Pakistani Coke Studio. Later, Jugni was likewise highlighted in the Bollywood hit, Cocktail.

8. ShafqatAmanat Ali Khan

ShafqatAmanat Ali Khan

One of the most famous of today’s era, Shafqat is a Pakistani Singer who started his career from the band Fuzon, which became extremely successful in India. He is one of the best singers from Pakistan and he has a hand in playing various instruments including drums, guitar, piano and other instruments. He has got a husky voice, which has made a huge impact on the Indian Music and his is one of the most needed voice for the actors today.

7. Ghulam Ali

Ghulam Ali

He is one of the most astonishing Gazal Singers from Pakistan, who has won the hearts of several people and has made a huge impact by his voice. He has sung in various concerts in India. His ghazals has been used a lot in a lot of Bollywood films.

6. RahetFateh Ali Khan

Rahet Fateh Ali Khan

He is undoubtedly an extremely great singer, with the classical voice and a little rusky, he has made a huge impact on singing and the technique of singing. He is undoubtedly one of the best singers from Pakistan, who has some meaningful lyrics and some great notes on singing.

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