World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes (Bicycles) in 2016

Biking or cycling has been a favorite hobby or exercise activity of many people all around the world. It’s because aside from the fact that they can have a worthwhile time biking, they can also earn some amazing health benefits by doing it. In relation to this, don’t you know that bikes can also be expensive on your part? Here are 10 most expensive bikes available in the world today:

10. Phanuel Krencker’s ‘Bicyclettes de Luxe’

Phanuel Krencker’s ‘Bicyclettes de Luxe’

This was created by a famous bicycle maker, known as Phanuel Krencker. It was created for the completion of the NAHBS or North American Handmade Bicycle Show 7th Edition. It is priced $34,425.

9. Litespeed Blade

Litespeed Blade

The best thing about this bike is its amazing frame that is made from titanium alloy and carbon fiber. This frame is also one reason why Litespeed Blade is extremely expensive for a bike. $40,788 is its expensive price.

8. eRockit’s Electric Assist Bicycle

eRockit’s Electric Assist Bicycle

This excellent invention carries the look of a bicycle and a motorcycle. But actually, its brilliant creator, Stefan Gulas, said that it is a bicycle. It has an engine, so it can run like a typical motorcycle. You just have to switch into motor mode as the driver. Its price is around $44,000.

7. Montante Luxury Gold Collection

Montante Luxury Gold Collection

In the first glimpse on this bicycle, you might come into conclusion that it’s just an ordinary bicycle. Well, there’s no one to blame here since its design and structure is just like of that ordinary bike. However, little did you know that it is covered with gold and Swarovski stones. This is why its price reaches as much as $46,000.

6. Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

This bike is actually the product of combinations. It was being made because of the combined efforts of its maker, Cervelo and Chrome Hearts. The result is the Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike that possesses speed and luxury. It can be bought for $60,000.

5. Trek Madone 7 – Diamond

Trek Madone 7 – Diamond

Amongst the numerous kinds of mountain bikes, Trek Madone 7-Diamond is the rarest one. Lance Armstrong, a famous cycling champion in the world has used the same model of this bike, especially during the Tour de France competition. Its price is around $75,000.

4. Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

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