10 Amazing Wedding Rituals from Various Cultures

Wedding is a part of every culture where a guy and girl ties a knot to spend their happiness and sorrows together for the whole life. But wedding rituals is different according to the areas and culture specialties in different parts of the world.

While many people try to follow the footsteps of famous celebrities and organize their weddings accordingly, but some people prefer to perform traditional rituals when it comes to wedding. Here is the list of top 10 bizarre wedding rituals in various cultures.

Depending on the location and the ancestor value, the rituals vary from culture to culture. Here is the list of top 10 of these wedding rituals:

10. Crying Ritual – China

Crying Ritual – China

The Tujia people of China celebrate wedding in a unique way by following the bizarre ritual of crying for almost 30 days before wedding. The bride cries daily for an hour before 30 days, after 10 days her mother joined her in crying and after 20 days, her grandmother joined her and the process continues for the whole month but this crying is an expression of happiness.

9. The Swedish Kissing Tradition

The Swedish Kissing Tradition

In Sweden, the wedding is celebrated by following the kissing tradition on the wedding day. At the day of wedding, the groom have to disappear for some time and all the unmarried men are allowed to kiss the bride and same goes for the groom where bride has to go missing and the groom is kissed by the unmarried women.

8. The Spitting Ritual – Kenya

The Spitting Ritual – Kenya

The most weird and bizarre ritual of the Massai people of Kenya is the spitting ritual in which the head of the bride is shaved and oil and lamb fat is applied on it. Then the father of the bride spits on her head which is thought to bring good luck in her coming life. She leaves with her husband and cannot look back for the fear of turning into stone. During two days, her husband leaves the house and her mother in law shaves her head.

7. Kumbh Vivah – Hindu Ritual

Kumbh Vivah – Hindu Ritual

This is an Indian tradition which is used when the bride or groom have Manglik Dosh (misfortune) in which there can be complications in the married life or even the death of a partner. This can be removed by organizing an imaginary pre-wedding of the girl with a tree or a pitcher and drowning the pitcher into the river. After that, she can marry the groom.

6. Groom’s Feet Beating – Korea

Groom’s Feet Beating – Korea

The Korean people perform this ritual after the wedding where the feet of the groom is tied and lifted and then his friends beat him with a wooden stick to check the strength and knowledge of the groom before the first wedding night. It may seem to be painful but the ritual is more fun according to Koreans.

5. Carrying the Bride Across Threshold

Carrying the Bride Across Threshold

This ritual is followed in many countries where it is believed that the evil spirits can attack the bride if she walks on her feet. Some also believe that the bride shows that she is not agree to leave her father’s house so the groom has to carry the bride across the threshold.

4. Pre-Wedding with Animals – India

Pre-Wedding with Animals – India

In India, some people think that the girls who are ugly or born with a baby tooth are possessed by ghosts and to break the curse the girl have to marry an animal, particularly goat or dog. After that she is free to marry a man.

3. Blackening the Couple – Scotland

Blackening the Couple – Scotland

The bride and groom are taken by surprise and covered with crap like feathers, tar, grease, or spoiled milk before wedding. This is done to ward off evil spirits from the couple.

2. Kidnapping Bride

Kidnapping Bride

This wedding ritual practiced in Roman and Kyrgyzstan is sometimes unacceptable. In this tradition, the man who wishes to marry a woman abduct her either by force or by guile and kept in room until she put on a scarf of a married woman to show acceptance.

1. Money Dance – Poland

money dance wedding tradition

The male and female guests pay to dance briefly with the bride and groom according to this ritual. Bride dance with her father while a relative holds and apron. The one who wishes to dance with her put money in the apron.

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