10 Attention Grabbing Facts About Kissing

Kisses are of different types, all of us in our life kissed somebody. Kissing on hand means respect, kissing on forehead means blessing and kissing on lips and cheeks means love and intimacy. We kissed our love ones to show our love and intimacy, mother kiss her children, husband to his wife and wife her husband and all that. All of us know only that we kiss someone when we are in love with them but there are some amazing and interesting facts about kissing you don’t know. Let’s have a look on ten interesting facts about kissing.


10. The origin of the word

This word came from the old English word cyssan which means to kiss. It is assumed that the sound produced while kissing makes this word cyssan. Romans have several words for kissing for example kissing on hand was called basium, kissing closed to mouth was called osculum and loving kiss was known as saviolum while Greeks not have a particular word for kissing.

9. Two third of the people tilt their head to the right when kiss

If you are leaning for kiss and your noses get bump it will spoil your mood but if you tilt your head to the right, it will work out for you. And this is done by most of the people when they are kissing each other. The German researcher Onur Gunturkun was discovered this fact after observing 224 couples at public places.

8. Kissing have many health benefits

Kiss not only gives you pleasure is have many health benefits also, so it is in reality good for you. Some of the health benefits are, kissing improves your immune system, it’s good for your teeth, extra saliva produced while kissing and it kills the dangerous bacteria, it lower down the blood pressure and keep your molars white and shiny.

7. The first on-screen kiss was century ago

The inventor of the bulb Thomas Edison was the first who made first on-screen kiss. That was the year 1896 when he kissed the Canadian actress May Irwin in the studio of New Jersey. And at that time kissing at public place was a taboo.

6. Goodbye kisses helps husband live longer

Kissing your husband when they are going for the work gives them physical and mental strength. It is elaborated through the two years’ research of Dr. Arthur Szabo that men who kissed their wife while going for work lives longer and had less car crash and earns 20-30 % more.

5. Kissing can reduce weight

This would be the strange and amazing fact about kissing I’m very sure you never know. You can reduce your weight by kissing. It’s a fact that for somebody kissing just for a minute can burn 2 calories.

4. Longest kiss world record

There is world record of the longest kiss and that is its lasts for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. And this world record goes to the Ekkachai and Kaksana of Thailand.

3. Anti-kissing countries

It’s strange to hear that there are still some countries where public place kissing is banned. In 2014 in Mexico a professor was arrested just because of kissing his wife in public place. In 2010 a Saudi man was arrested because he hugged and kissed women at public place.

2. Origination of kiss

It is assumed that kissing is originated by the mothers, when they chew food in their mouth and give it to their child by mouth. This mouth to mouth food giving originated the kissing.

1. Science of kissing

The science of kissing is known as philematology and the most important muscle which comes to kissing is orbicularis oris.

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