10 Best Things About Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is one state in the United States of America, which is actually a volcanic archipelago isolated in the Central Pacific region. The statehood of this place was granted way back on August 21, 1959. Since it is a volcanic archipelago, it is expected that Hawaii is composed of a number of big and small size islands. Moreover, here are 10 best things regarding Hawaii:

10. Hawaii is known for diverse culture

Yes, Hawaii is an American state but this does not mean that it is only composed of American people in terms of descendants. This state is actually a multicultural one. Asian, European, North Americans, Africans, name them and Hawaii surely has them.

9. Hawaii is a home for different kinds of trees

Nature lover will surely love the ambience of Hawaii since it is surrounded with a lot of trees with different kinds. What is more amazing about it is these trees are undeniably endangered already. Some of these trees are lilikoi, banyan, eucalyptus and many others.

8. It has a lot of breathtaking diving sites

Professional and amateurs divers can surely find great enjoyment in this state. It is simply because Hawaii is composed of hundreds of diving sites where you can be one with a number of marine animals like dolphins and whales. These diving sites are really beautiful, making you more enticed to dive here.

7. Hawaii is an excellent surfing destination

It is said that Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago that is composed of a number of islands. With this fact, it is just right to say that this place is a perfect destination for surfing the United States of America has to offer. Hence, it is no longer surprising why a lot of residents here are excellent surfers.

6. It offers a tropical weather condition

Hawaii is the only state in the United States of America that is bestowed with a tropical weather condition just like the countries in Asia. This is the main reason why a lot of vacationers are having Hawaii as their top choice for vacation destination.


5. It is dwelled with happy people

The residents of Hawaii play a very significant role in making the state the best for all. It is simply because they innately have happy and welcoming hearts, especially to all the visitors here. It is one reason why a lot of tourists keep on coming back to Hawaii.

4. Hawaii is a home for extremely tasty fruits

Fruit lovers will definitely find Hawaii as the best place to be. It is because this state offers a lot of extremely tasty fruits that will satisfy fruit lovers’ tummy and cravings. Some of these tasty fruits are oranges, guavas, and passion fruits. Some local people also incorporate these fruits to their recipes that are enjoyed by a number of visitors.

3. It is one great destination for marriage

Hawaii is really the best place for people who are about to conduct their marriage ceremonies. It is all thanks to its great weather condition, amazing people, and beautiful and peaceful ambience, making it perfect for the sacred event.

2. Hawaii is known for equality

A lot of people nowadays are looking for equality among men and women in the society, and this equality can be visibly observed in the state of Hawaii. What men can do can always be done by women too. Same sex marriage is even legalized in this place. Hence, it is no longer surprising why discrimination on homosexuals is not observable here.

1. Hawaii is a home of breathtaking beaches

Another thing that made Hawaii the best place to live in and visit is the beautiful beaches available in the state. In fact, these beaches are even ranked as one of the best ones in the world. That is pretty amazing, right?

These are just 10 of the best things about the state of Hawaii. Truly, visiting and living in this place is something that you would not regret in your life.

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