10 Breathtaking Aerial Lifts the World Has to Offer

The world really has a lot of things to offer to the people especially these days that more and more technological innovations have been appearing. Many people have been benefiting from the modern technology that made everyone’s life easier and worth living. Some products of the modern technology nowadays are the amazing aerial lifts that made great numbers of people happy. In relation to this, here are 10 breathtaking aerial lifts the world has to offer:

10. Klein Matterhorn Aerial Tramway

Klein Matterhorn Aerial Tramway

The Klein Matterhorn is one of the very high peaks that can be found in Pennine Alps in the beautiful country of Switzerland. This is also the place that you should visit if you want to enjoy the cable rides of the Klein Matterhorn Aerial Tramway. The cable cars will start from the municipality of Zermatt in Switzeland and while you are riding, you will have the chance to see the beautiful Theodul Glacier and the Glacier Grotto.

9. Val Thorens Aerial Lifts

Val Thorens Aerial Lifts

The Val Thorens Aerial Lifts can be experienced when you go to the Val Thorens, which happens to be a great ski resort that can be found in Europe. The specific location of this amazing ski resort is in the Tarentaise Valley in the French department of Savoie. There are several kinds of aerial lifts here such as cable cars, chairlifts, and draglifts. All in all, there are 32 aerial lifts available in Val Thorens.

8. Grouse Mountain Skyride

Grouse Mountain Skyride

Also included in the 10 breathtaking aerial lifts in the entire world is the aerial lift offered by the Grouse Mountain Resort. This is an alpine ski resort that can be found in the Grouse Mountain of British Columbia in the amazing country of Canada. There are 4 chairlifts available in the resort, and riding on these lifts is one of the best things that can experienced here and this is loved by many tourists from all over the world.

7. Masada Cableway

Masada Cableway

Masada is specifically located in the southern district part of the historic country of Israel, and one major attraction here is the Masada National Park where you can experience the thrill of aerial lifts though the Masada Cableway. The place is actually declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When riding on the lifts, you can see an amazing view of the Dead Sea and the Judaean Desert.

6. Ropeway of Rajgir

Ropeway of Rajgir

For those who don’t know, Rajgir is a city located in the Nalanda District in the Indian state of Bihar. And when speaking of breathtaking aerial lifts, the Ropeway of Rajgir can certainly offer it to you. A lot of tourists from all over the world keep on coming back to the city because of these aerial lifts. However, if you are not that brave-hearted, riding on the lifts is not a good idea since every lift is only good for one.

5. Emirates Air Line

Emirates Air Line

Emirates Air Line is not pertaining to the airlines that come from the United Arab Emirates. It pertains to the cable cars that can be found in England, particularly in the city of London. You can have a great ride on this lift for 10 minutes while witnessing the beautiful view of the entire London and in some other parts of England.

4. Norsjo Ropeway

Norsjo Ropeway

In the Västerbotten County in the progressive nation of Sweden, you can find an aerial tramway that offers rides on aerial lifts. The aerial tramway is specifically located in the Municipality of Norsjo. It is actually and internationally acclaimed aerial tramway since it is currently one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country.

3. Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Cape Town is the capital city of the renowned country of South Africa, and this is where you can find the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway that will offer you breathtaking views in the wide surroundings of Cape Town. This is amongst the oldest aerial tramways that can be found in the entire world. It was finished constructed way back in the year 1929.

2. Roosevelt Island Tramway

Roosevelt Island Tramway

Between the Manhattan Island and the Long Island in New York City, lies another island that is known as the Roosevelt Island. It is a narrow island that is located in the New York City’s East River. The island can offer you a great experience on riding the Roosevelt Island Tramway that will you to Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

1. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

The desert resort city of Palm Springs in the Riverside Valley in the US state of California can offer an amazing ride on an aerial lift to the people who visit the place. This is where you can find the awesome Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which happens to be the biggest rotating aerial tramway in the entire world. The amazing lift ride experience will start at the Sonoran Desert and end in the alpine forest, and it will take around 12.5 minutes.

These are the 10 breathtaking aerial lifts the world has to offer today. Without a doubt, these lifts can offer you an unforgettable experience.

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