10 Cliff Side Beaches Around The World

There is nothing much more pleasing to the senses more than the the feel you get when you walk on a sandy beach with a vast stretch of blue color in your view. Some come with a little drama which are created by tower over the shore, rocky cliffs, with foamy waves crashing against each other. We all love to visit beautiful beaches and that is why I am writing this article to enlighten you.

Here are 10 Cliff Side Beautiful Side Beaches Around The World

10. Little Bay Beach in Anguilla

Little Bay Beach in Anguilla

It is located in Anguilla May, in the Carribean, the British overseas territory. It is one of the most awesome beaches across the globe. It is a side cliff beach with a vertical and high cliff. It is very remote and can only be accessed by using a rope or a boat. For the adventurous tourists, the rope is the better option; they climb, using the rope, along the rocky cliff, offering them with natural grips.

9. Varkala Beach in India

Varkala Beach in India

It goes by an alternative name Papanasam Beach, located in Kerala, India. It is one of the most scenic cliff side beach in the world; one of the few places where the sea and the hills are close to each other, merging the rough waters with the cliff. If you are a sinner, it is believed that, a bath in the water will wash away all your sins.

8. El Nido in Philippines

El Nido in Philippines

It is located in mainland Palawan, the northeast tip of the mainland. The beach is described as the best island and beach destination in the entire Philippines due to its extraordinary ecosystem and natural splendor, which depicts the Bay of Bacuit. It is made of rocks and karst cliffs, making it one of the best cliff side beach in the world.

7. Halona Beach in Hawaiian Island

Halona Beach in Hawaiian Island

Found in the Halona Blow-hole, it was formed after a blow-hole and a rock formation on the Hawaiian island of Oahu at the Halona Point. The beach overlooks the Pacific Ocean and during windy days, the beach comes alive. During high tide days, the rock formation is hit by the ocean waves, spraying the sea in the air, going through a cave that resembles a geyser.

6. Dias Beach in South Africa

Dias Beach in South Africa

In South Africa, at the Cape Point Nature Reserve, you will find Dias Beach. It is one of the awesome cliff sides of the globe, which is only a one hour drive from Cape Town. It offers seclusion in the wild cape that attracts tourists to visit it – the Cape of Storms. It offers a great hiking experience on the shore.

5. Etretat Beach in France

Etretat Beach in France

It is found in France, the northwest part, on the coast of the Pay De Caux area. It has three natural arches which have formed from chalky cliffs.  It is in frontof a beautiful resort in town, which serve as an inspiration to many artists due the way it is formed: pointed needles, cliffs and arches.

4. AsCatedrais Beach in Spain

AsCatedrais Beach in Spain

It means beach of the cathedrals. It is in Spain, on the Cantabric Coast in Galcia. It is one of the awesome cliffside beach found in the world, and whose name is derived from the cliffs formed on the beach. The beach cliffs are dotted with caves and natural arches, giving them a cathedral look.

3. Tropea Beach in Italy

Tropea Beach in Italy

It is a well known cliff side beach around the world which is located south of Italy. It is different from the other cliff side beaches in the sense that, the town is on top of the reef, and while up there, you will be able to look down upon the clear blue waters of the sea of Tyrrhenian from the cliff top. It is one of a kind cliff.

2. Navagio Beach in Greece

Navagio Beach in Greece

It is best known by its other name, the Shipwreck Beach. It is found in the Ionian Island of Greece, on the northwest shore of the Zakynthos. It is a pristine beach, which is secluded and can only be accessed via a boat. Its main features are the cliffs of limestone that describe the beach which is a white beach. It is also great as a base jumping location.

1. Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

In one Islands of the Phi Phi, you will get this Maya Bay cliff side beach. It is one of the best cliff side beaches around the world which has a ring of limestone hills that stands steep and tall and is surrounded by the blue water. It is one of the exotic cliff side beach which can be reached by boat in an hour’s time.

Though we have mentioned only 10 of the cliff side beaches, there are so many across the world. Share with your friends so that they are also enlightened.

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