10 Excellent Basic Yoga Poses For Daily Healthy Life

You have often heard it from your elders that Yoga is the true essence of pure and good health. It is really true in a sense that yoga provides the best health and mind and some people regard Yoga to be the religion for them. Yoga allows the person to attain perfect equilibrium and harmony, promotes self- healing, enhances personal power and reduces stress and tension and relieves the nervous system.

If man is not healthy mentally or physically then all the perks of life seems meaningless. So in this regard, yoga is the best practice that you can do at home easily for the sake of healthy and sound body. Here are some best Yoga poses that one must try to have enjoy peaceful health:

10. Child’s Pose Yoga

Child’s Pose Yoga

It is one of the best pose that you can try if you are a beginner in Yoga field. All you have to do is to sit up in your heels comfortably while setting your head on the bed in front of you. This yoga pose is great to stretch out your lower back.

9. Crow Pose Yoga

Crow Pose Yoga

Another pose that is just great to try for the beginners in Yoga is the Crow that strengthen your muscles and builds body awareness. You need to do have some strength and to pose like a crow. Just get in the position like palms pressed in the mat with the feet and hip apart. Walk until your elbows touch your knees. Hold breath for almost 10 to 15 minutes and you are ready for your Yoga pose.

8. Pigeon Pose Yoga

Pigeon Pose Yoga

Next easy and excellent pose that you can try for your yoga session is the pigeon pose that energizes your body and reduces the risk of infertility. For this, you have to place your left knee on the floor with left heel just by right hip. Be in the push up position like the palms facing downwards the floor. Keep chest lifted and extend arms in front of you.

7. Cobra Pose Yoga

Cobra Pose Yoga

Lie on the floor legs extended with the top of your feet on the floor. Tighten your hip floor and squeeze your glutes. Press your shoulders downwards in the position away from your ears. Raise your chest in front of you and relax. This cobra pose is great for strengthening the muscles of the whole body and warms up the torso and strengthens your arms.

6. Seated Twist Yoga

Seated Twist Yoga

It is one of the easy and most preferred yoga pose that you have to try while you are having the yoga session. All you have to do is to sit on the floor with your legs extended away from you. Cross the right leg over the outside of the left thigh place the elbow of your right arm on the floor and the left hand on the outside of the right knee. Witch your sides and repeat this process for peaceful yoga.

5. Triangle Pose Yoga

Triangle Pose Yoga

Stand in the 90 degree position with left foot to 45 degree position, just extend your arms out to sides and bend over your right leg. Turn your face to either side for 5 minutes and hold your breath. This is the yoga pose that strengthen your hips and torso muscles.

4. Bridge Pose Yoga

Bridge Pose Yoga

Next easy pose for the beginners in yoga is the bridge pose. You need to lie on the floor with forcing the head downwards and pushing your pelvic and knee region upward by keeping your foot in the standing position. Place arms at the sides with the palm down. Clap the hands in the cavity formed by the back and exhale and inhale and hold breath for 1 minute.

3. Tree Pose Yoga

Tree Pose Yoga

This pose strengthens your arms and legs muscles. You just need to stand erect with the arms at sides. Hold your whole weight of the body to the left leg by pulling your right leg and keep balanced on one leg. Raise your both hands and stay in that position for 30 seconds.

2. Warrior Yoga

Warrior Yoga

You have to act like a warrior with standing like the warrior keeping the legs apart from each other. Extend your arms outsides with the palms facing downward. Bend right knee at 90 degrees and gaze in either right or left side.

1. Mountain Pose Yoga

Mountain Pose Yoga

It is a basic pose that keeps you fit and healthy. All you need is to stand straight with the shoulders relaxed. Take a deep breath with the palms facing the observer.

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