10 Extinct Breeds of Dogs in the World

Dogs are known to be amongst those domesticated animals in the entire world. This is simply because there are a lot of individuals who want to have pet dogs at home. The truth is, there are various breeds of dogs that can be found all over the world. Some of these dog breeds are already endangered. In this regard, here are 10 extinct breeds of dogs that you may have as your pets:

10. Hawaiian Poi Dog

Hawaiian Poi Dog

This breed of dog is known to be a good children’s spiritual protector as well as a great source of. The head part of this dog will eventually become fatty and extra bigger because of the mushy vegan diet it should follow, which is popularly known as “poi”. It was in the 18th century when this breed of dog became endangered.

9. Toy Trawler Spaniel

Toy Trawler Spaniel

This rare and endangered dog breed comes from a very rare cross breed of Sussex Spaniel and the 16th century King Charles Spaniel. It has a smaller body size, and its general appearance resembles more on the King Charles Spaniel. Originally, Toy Trawler Spaniel was used for sports purposes.

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8. Talbot Dog

Talbot Dog

Many people find Talbot dog breed as best dog companion. Despite the slower speed of this dog, great tracking abilities and sense of smell are two excellent qualities of Talbot that may convince you to have it as your pet. A historian in the year 1066 named William the Conqueror was the one who brought it in England.

7. St. John’s Water Dog

St. John’s Water Dog

Portuguese, Irish, and English dogs are the origins of St. John’s Water Dog. Its coat has black-and-white tuxedo pattern. In the 16th century, fishermen in Newfoundland used this dog in retrieving ptarmigans and seas and hauling lines. The descendants of this dog are Labrador and Golden Retriever.

6. Southern Hound

Southern Hound

During the 14th century, this dog was firstly bred in Southern England. Greyhounds and Talbots are the cross breeds of Southern Hound. Tracking day-old trails can be effectively done through its excellent sense of smell. In fact, this amazing capability of Southern Hound was taken advantaged by the sport known as deer hunting.

5. Paisley Terrier

Paisley Terrier

Skye Terrier’s can have a great counterpart through the presence of Paisley Terrier. Originally, this dog breed comes from the Scotland’s Paisley. This breed will also be helpful in reproducing Yorkshire Terrier. In the 18th century, this breed of dog was totally faced out.

4. Kuri Dog


Its body is not appealing enough and it has a fox-like body structure. It is not good when it comes to sense of smell. In 13th century, Kuri was brought in the beautiful country of New Zealand, and it came from Polynesia. This dog is considered to be a good source of meat and fur.

3. Cordoba Fighting Dog

Cordoba Fighting Dog

There are actually four breeds of dogs being crossed just to come up with a cute Cordoba Fighting Dog. These are the Boxer, English Bulldog, Mastiff, and Bull Terrier. This breed was named after its place of origin, which was in Cordoba, Argentina. Generally solid white body is the common thing you can notice in this dog.

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2. Blue Paul Terrier

Blue Paul Terrier

Its coat has a bluish tinge, and the first person who had this breed of dog was none other than John Paul Jones. Such breed was brought in the beautiful country of Scotland by this man. Known as ruthless fighting dog, it has a muscular powerful build. It was between 1580 up to 1900 when it disappeared.

1. Alpine Spaniel

Alpine Spaniel

This is one of those intelligent breeds of dogs available in the world today. Its curly and thick coat is one thing that you will easily recognize from this dog. It was firstly discovered in the 19th century. They were originally used for mountain rescues.

These are the 10 extinct breeds of dogs that you should know. They might not be that normal in appearance, but they can still be the best canines for you to raise.

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