10 Foreign Languages that are commonly used in USA

Languages represent the historical traditions of a specific place. It also represents the number of immigrants in the particular area. So there are many languages that are spoken in United States of America. The most commonly used language in USA is English. But the commonly used language of United States is known as American English as there is no concept of official language on the federal level. Almost 80 % of the people of USA use English as their communicating language.

But there are also many other languages that are used or were historically present in USA. These languages are short listed below:

10. Italian

It is the number 10th most popular language of USA. The Italian language is spoken widely in the United States for more than hundreds of years. The reason for this is the large scale immigration in the 20th Less than a million people of USA can speak Italian. So it stands on number 10.

9. Russian

The Russian language is widely spoken in the areas of USA like Los Angeles, Alaska, San Francisco and also on the New York. It is also known in the city of Chicago. Approx. one million American people can speak Russian and it stands on number 9th on our ranking.

8. Arabic

Arabic is also a well-known language in USA. According to the most recent research, according to a rough estimate, there are a millionspeakers of Arabic in USA. This language is spoken in the areas of US where most Arabic immigrants live like, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Arabic is also a fast growing language program in the religious colleges and universities across the whole state.

7. German

German is a widely spoken language of USA. About 50 % of the Americans can identify German language. It is spoken in the area of Pennsylvania, where a large number of immigrant religious minorities settled and this is one of the main reasons of the popularity of this language.

6. Korean

Approximately 1.2 million people in USA can speak and understand Korean. This ratio has tripled since 1980. It is the third most spoken language in the areas of Georgian and Virginia. It has also now gained popularity in the city of New York, Los Angeles and also in the capital city, Washington. So it stands on rank number 6th.

5. French

It is the fourth common language used in USA when the Chinese dialects combine. There are about 1,300,000 French speakers in USA. And it is the second most spoken language in the areas of Louisiana and as well as in Maine.

4. Vietnamese

Standing on number fourth on the list Vietnamese, with nearly 1.5 million speakers in USA. It is widely spoken in the cities of California, San Jose, and Houston and in Seattle. If you also know the Vietnamese then it will work for you if you will or work in the west or north US.

3. Tagalog

It is the official language of Philippines. Approx. 1.6 million people of USA know and understand the language of Tagalog. It is mostly spoken in the area of Hawaii and California. It stands on rank 3 in our list.

2. Chinese

It is the second most common foreign language of US. Almost 2.6 million people of America can speak Chinese. According to the recent surveys, almost 40 percent of the Chinese speakers live in USA, in the area of California. It is also the third common language spoken in the city of New York. So it secures the rank 2nd.

1. Spanish

Almost 12.4 % of the Americans know and understand Spanish so it is the top most popular language in the USA. The 40 million people of USA know Spanish.it is widely spoken in the whole state of America but in the areas of California, New York and almost all the city hubs.

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