10 Interesting Facts About Babies Born During the Summer

Summertime is certainly the most-awaited season of many people in the entire calendar year. This is the perfect time for relaxation and break from their stressful work and studies. However, do you know that a lot of expectant mothers are also waiting for this season since it’s the time that they are due in their pregnancy? In this case, are summer-born babies interesting enough? Well, here are 10 interesting facts about babies who are born during summertime:

10. Less Prone to Seasonal Affective Ailments

If you have summer babies, then you are lucky enough since they are known to be lesser prone to several seasonal affective ailments such as schizophrenia and bipolar depression. It’s simply because the sunshine in summer season can affect the disposition of the babies. This can be confirmed by the Nature Neuroscience’s journal.

9. They’re Born to Be Optimistic

Summer born babies are known to be optimistic. This goes to show that when they grow up, they will have a positive outlook in life. This will be very advantageous for them since it’s important to be positive in life in order to succeed in every endeavor.

8. They’re Might Struggle in School

A lot of summer-born babies have difficulties in school when they reach school age. Why is it so? Well, it’s actually a case to case basis. It will only happen if the age cut-off for school falls during summertime. They may become subjects for bullying since they are young enough for school.

7. Prone to Vision Problems

Sad to say, there are a number of scientific students revealing that summer babies are more prone to vision issues compared to winter babies. There are around 25% of the summer born babies who will suffer from such problems like myopia.

6. Prone to Celiac Disease

During winter season, summer born babies may suffer from viral infections like celiac disease. It’s simply because summer babies are usually exposed to solid foods. This will make them gluten intolerant.

5. Female Summer Born Babies Are Smarter

Compared to male summer born babies as well as male and female winter born babies, female summer born babies are significantly smarter. This is according to a certain neuroscientist from Columbia University Medical Center.

4. Lesser in Weight

These babies are normally lesser in weight compared to winter born babies. However, this is not that a negative thing. As long as the baby is healthy, then there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just a normal thing to happen for summer-born babies.

3. Prone to Dyslexia

Among the summer born babies, it is expected that 71% of these babies are prone to Dyslexia. This is a particular disorder that has something to do with the ability of these babies to read. It will be difficult for them to read since it will be hard for them to identify speech sounds.

2. They are Klutzier

According to the experts, summer born babies are klutzier compared to some other babies who are born in other seasons. It simply means that these babies can be a little bit clumsy at all times. It’s normal for them actually.

1. They’re Normally Wild

There’s no reason for you to blame your summer born babies if they’re wild and naughty. They may have problems in terms of concentration, fidgeting, temperament, and socialization.

These are 10 interesting facts about summer born babies. Parents must know these facts well.

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