10 Interesting Facts about the Month of February

February happens to be the shortest month in a calendar year, most precisely the Georgian Calendar. The 2nd month of the year consists only 28 days and one extra day in each leap year. The additional year after each 4th year happens due to a scientific reason, but that however adds up to our excitement about the month February. Apart from having a leap year date, there are more interesting facts about February that we are going to talk about.

10. Named after a Roman Ritual

The month February’s name had originated from a Roman ritual. On the Februalia ritual of the Romans, they used to perform Spring washing. According to historians, this had probably originated among the Sabine people. Ovid says the word Februare is the underlying word of February and it means purification.

9. February was one of the Winter Months

Winter months were painful for the residents of Northern part of the world. The people didn’t like these two months because it only brought them sorrow, which led them to not having a name for these two months. Years used to have only 304 days. However, later on two more months were added to the calendar to observe winter and they were named January and February.

8. Only even numbered month for a long time

Julius Caesar had brought few changes to the calendar. For example, he added one extra day to January and so on. Before that, February was the only month that had even number of days. All the other months consisted of odd numbers, the situation changed after Caesar’s modifications to the calendar in 45 B.C.

7. Leap Year Februaries have 29 days

This is the most well-known fact about the month February. Each 4th year is called a leap year. The year which is divisible by 4, happens to be a leap year. On every leap year the month February contains an extra day and it’s 29th February.

6. 28 Days on Leap Years

Julius Caesar has introduced leap years to the calendar, but even after that February had 28 days, technically. Because February 24th was counted twice on leap years and there was no additional day on a leap year. Later on a February 29th was added.

5. Google Hits

People seem to be interested with the month February, on Google. The number of hits with search term February is 423 million. Even a misspelling gets nearly hits as close; Febuary has 310 registered rounded hits as of now.

4. Leap Years are Awesome

Yes, because they do certain tricks to the month February. The Februaries that begin and end on the same day of the week is always on a leap year.

3. Leap years and Getting Married

There shouldn’t be any connection between getting married and a leap year bad luck, but Greek people usually think otherwise. One among each five Greek people tend to not get married on a leap year because they think it’s going to bring bad luck to their conjugal life.

2. Leapers

Ever wondered what the people are called who were born on a February 29th? Well, they have a pretty catchy and cool term to be called. Leaplings or leapers are their fancy call names.

1. Zodiac Signs

The month of February holds two zodiac signs, they are Aquarius and Pisces. Those who are born on February 29th are luckiest Pisces!


Being the 2nd month might not be coolest thing that happens to a calendar month. But not every month can have an additional day every 4th year!

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