10 Interesting Facts about the Month of July

Like every other month in the calendar, July is an awesome month. According to the Georgian Calendar, the order of this month is 7th. However, according to the pre-Caesar period initial Roman calendar, July was the 5th month and it was called Quintilis. This month has been named after Julius Caesar himself, by the Roman Senate during 46 B.C.; when Caesar rearranged the calendar. The month of July has 31 days.

10. July Weather

In July the weather is pretty much different in two hemispheres of the world. The weather is in the peak of highest temperature at the Northern hemisphere. The exact opposite is seen on Southern hemisphere, though. The weather there is colder enough in Antarctica and rainy in South America.

9. Changes in Plants

In few parts of the world, July lacks rain. Due to this behavior, the nature loses its greenness and looks kind of dull. Exact opposite is seen in the countries with monsoon rainfall. Countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar face heavy torrential rainfall. The nature wears green and there is abundance of plants and fruits.

8. Beginning and Ending

In leap years, July begins and ends on the same day of the week as January in common years. However in non-leap years, the similarity is seen with April. In non-leap years, July endings days don’t usually match with any other month’s ending days. However, on a leap year July would end on the same day as January.

7. Birthstone

For the July people, Ruby is considered the birthstone. Ruby is known to be the king of gemstones and the characteristics it represents are – wisdom, health, love and romance. According to popular belief, wearing a gorgeous looking fine Red Ruby stone might bring good luck to the wearer. Speaking of monetary value, Ruby is of the highest value.

6. Birth Flower

Larkspur is July’s birth flower and it comes in different colors. Each different color represents a meaning. For example, a white larkspur means happy nature while a pink would indicate fickleness. Purple larkspur is used to indicate first love. As a whole package, the flower larkspur indicates love.

5. Mid of the Year

Theoretically, the middle day of the year is on the month of July. July 3rd happens to be the mid-point of any given year; for only non-leap years though.

4. July as a Name

July is a popular name for people as well. Other than July, people tend to name their newborn after Julius Caesar as well. This male name has run out of the 500th place in newborn UK babies’ name list. However, the female adaptation Julia is still popular in England and Scotland. The name secures 79th position in England and 74th in Scotland, for female newborn names.

3. Death of US Presidents

As opposed to May where no US presidents have ever died, July holds the highest number of US presidents’ death. 7 US presidents have died so far on a July; the figure is way higher than any other month of a year.

2. Atom Bomb

Call it a blessing or curse to the humankind; the first ever nuclear bomb was field-tested by the scientists on July 16, 1945. The testing venue was Alamogordo, New Mexico.

1. Zodiac Signs

The month of July is the originating month for the people bearing zodiac signs Cancer and Leo.


The mid-point of the year; and maximum number of US president deaths – both these events have taken place on the month of July. July is a pretty interesting month, indeed.

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