10 Interesting Facts About The Month of May

May is 5th month of a year. The month consists of 31 days and usually falls in summer in many parts of the world. However, the month May was initially the 3rd month on the Roman calendar before Julius Caesar had brought changes to it. After those changes were done around 45 B.C, May became the 5th month. However, May always had 31 days – before and after those changes happened. The North Temperate Zone of the world wears beautiful colors and also the weather is really comfortable during May. There are few interesting facts about the month May.

10. Named after Maia

The name May has been generated from Maia. She happens to be a Greek Goddess, the Goddess of fertility. Apart from the fertility part, she also happens to be the Goddess of Spring and growth. May is a blessed month to begin with, according to the Romans!

9. Love & Success

People who are born in May are more likely to achieve higher success and more love in their life. Even though it’s mostly a relative fact, yet the May people have more grip over these two than people born in other months.The birthstone for May is Emerald.

8. Empire State Building

The USA’s one of the tallest building was built opened for all on May 1, 1931. This 443 meter tall building held the honor of being the tallest building of USA until the World Trade Center had taken the glory from Empire State Building tower. However, after the WTC attack on 9/11, this building turns out to be the tallest building of New York, again.

7. Same Beginning and Ending

May has a unique fact about the beginning and ending day in the week. Unlike any other year of the month, May begins and ends on the same day of a week. No difference is usually observed and every Georgian calendar always follows this rule.

6. Banning of Maypoles

Long ago, in 1644 the authority officials of England banned the Maypoles. These are poles usually made of wood and long enough to stand as a celebration prop for European festivals. Maypole dances are held on May, usually on May Day. However, some European countries celebrate Maypole in mid-summer as well.

5. Newton’s Maypole

Even after such restriction, people used to put up maypoles to celebrate their May festivals. One such maypole which was 123 feet long was put up in London; this was done to observe Charles II’s return. However, this maypole was later used by Isaac Newton for supporting his telescope on it.

4. May Day

May celebrates many days, beginning with the May Day on the first day of May. This is also known as labor’s day. Labors were dispersed on May 4, 1886 who had gathered demanding eight hour workday. Police fired shots ended up killing four demonstrators; and the day is recognized as the International Worker’s Day AKA Labor Day ever since.

3. Other Days in May

Apart from the International Worker’s Day, the month of May houses few other days as well. The 2nd Sunday of May is celebrated as International Mother’s Day. Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May. May 5 isCincoDe Mayo; and on the first Saturday of May, Kentucky Derby is celebrated in the USA.

2. No US President Died

Out of all the Presidents USA had ever had, only May the month when none of them had died. However, on May two of US presidents were born. They are Harry S Truman and John F Kennedy.

1. Zodiac Signs

Two Zodiac signs have occupied the month of May. They are Taurus and Gemini.


Being the 5th month of the year, May could have been a dull month. But there happens to be a lot of interesting facts about this month, as stated above.

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