10 Interesting Facts of People Born in January

In the Gregorian and Julian calendar, January is the first month. This month is composed of 31 days. In Northern Hemisphere, this is the coldest month. In the Southern Hemisphere, on the other hand, it’s the warmest month. Those people who are born on January 1-20 fall to the zodiac sign of Capricorn, while those who are born on January 21-31 fall to the zodiac sign of Aquarius. In this regard, here are 10 interesting facts regarding the people who have this birth month:

10. Naturally Funny

People who are born in the month of January are expected to have a natural sense of humor. Since it is natural, it surely comes naturally especially if surrounded with a lot of friends and some acquaintances. Because of this, they are always considered witty.

9. They Can Be Bossy Most of the Time

Sometimes, they are being misinterpreted to be very bossy. The truth is, they are not bossy; they just have abundant ideas in their minds, which can be main source of envy of many people around them. This trait helps them stand out among the group.

8. They Only Trust Themselves

It’s hard for them to trust others. They tend to do the job alone if they are tasked with something. They have this feeling that other people cannot do the project excellently. This is why they prefer being alone doing the job.

7. Young At Heart

Even though they are already old, people who are born in the month of January will tend to feel that they are still young. Because of this, they feel good and handsome/beautiful at all times.

6. They Aren’t Expressive When It Comes to Love

If you are having a relationship with January-born individual, you should be ready with the fact that you will be hurt in the early stage of your relationship since they don’t express their love evidently. It’s because they are still trying to figure out if the love they have towards you is really real.

5. Stupidity Isn’t Included in Their Vocabulary

They’re not fond of entertaining stupidity. However, they will not insult you. They will just reply with a witty grin since they don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.

4. They Do Crazy Things When They’re Bored

Even though they don’t entertain stupidity, it doesn’t mean that they will never do stupid things. Crazy things are their outlets when they have nothing to do, or when they feel extremely bored.

3. They Always Want to Be the Leaders

During group tasks or simply group fun-filled activities, people who are born in January would always want to be the leaders. Well, they naturally have strong leadership skills, so it’s just right for them. If you will ignore their leadership prowess, they will surely become uninterested to join.

2. Party-Goers and Adventurers

They love to entertain people, which is why they are very adventurous. They love the fact they make people happy. They also love to go partying. It doesn’t even matter for them if it is daytime or nighttime.

1. They Are Wild

If you think they are full of seriousness, then you are definitely wrong. People who are born in the month of January also have their wild side. However, they only show it to selected few like their true friends.

These are only 10 interesting facts about the people who are born in the month of January. You should know these facts, especially if your birth month is January.

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