10 Interesting Facts of People Born in September

In Gregorian and Julian calendars, September is known to be the 9th month. September was actually taken from the Latin word “Septem” that means seven. People who are born in this particular month will have intensely interesting personalities. Here are 10 of the interesting facts about September-born people:

10. Highly Intelligent

These people are the ones you must talk to if you want to have an intellectual discussion. They have critical way of thinking, so you can be sure that you will get brilliant ideas from them. They always see things in a wide perspective.

9. Picky

People in this world can be picky or the other way around. Some of those people who are picky are the September-born individuals. They never settle for anything without checking it first thoroughly. They make sure that they will really like it. Good example is when making friends.

8. Hardworking

These people are very dedicated to their job. They will never leave it undone. They work hard so that they will excel in their chosen field. This is the reason why you can see a lot of September-born individuals who are already on top of their success in life.

7. Extremely Articulate

Communication can never be a problem to these people. They are very articulate in nature, so they always express their thoughts and opinions in an organized way. As a matter of fact, a lot of famous, expert speakers nowadays were born in the month of September.

6. Perfectionists

If you are constantly dealing with September-born people, then please be reminded that they are normally perfectionists. Hence, don’t be surprised if they will yell at you or complain when you commit mistakes. This is their nature and you have to accept it, whether you like it or not.

5. Sarcastic

One negative trait these people have is being sarcastic. Worse is, they may not notice that they are already sarcastic. This is because of their strong confidence to themselves that they are intelligent and they know a lot more than other people.

4. They Have Rational Minds

Since they are intelligent enough, it is just normal for them to have rational minds. They never believe a certain story without confirming it. They will never be one-sided. They always want to hear both sides, and later on decide who tells the truth. However, they will never judge right away. It takes time for them to weigh things up.

3. Good Leaders

These people were also born with innate excellent leadership skills. They have the strong mind and extreme willingness to lead. They never mind shouldering any responsibility being tasked to them. They will love it instead. They love to be successful as a leader of a certain group.

2. Accident Prone

One sad truth about September-born people is the fact that they are prone to accidents. They may suffer from violent death and head trauma. This is the reason why these people should be very careful in their day to day life. Taking chances may not sound good to them.

1. Extremely Considerate

These people believe that everything happens for a reason. This goes to show that they are very considerate. They will never tell you directly that you are like this and like that without considering things.

These are just 10 of the interesting things about September-born people. There are actually some more things about them that are worth-knowing.

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