10 Interesting Things Regarding Your Dreams May Shock You

Every single night, we sleep in order to rejuvenate and recondition our stressed body from everything we have done during the day. When we are asleep, it is normal for us to experience some dreams. Dreams of course, have different kinds. There are those that you will feel very happy since everything happening on it is exactly what you like to happen. Even so, there are also those dreams that may horrify you, which will then cause some questions in your mind to pop up. In relation to this, here are 10 interesting things regarding your dreams that you might don’t know:


10. 90 Percent of Your Dreams Will Be Forgotten

Is there any moment that you are wondering why you can hardly remember the entire story of your dreams? Well, the truth is, 90 percent of your dreams is bound to be forgotten. You can’t help it since it is a normal thing. Nonetheless, there are several studies conducted by the experts that say, adolescent females have higher chances of remembering their dreams compared to adolescent males.

9. Blind Individuals Also Have Dreams

Are you a bit surprised about it? It is definitely true that those blind from birth also have dreams when they sleep. Nevertheless, their dreams are quite different from those sighted people. What happen in their dreams are they feel some vibrations, recognize some odors, and listen to some sounds. Moreover, a study in Denmark proved that nightmares are frequent to those blind ones.

8. Some Have Black and White Dreams

Normally, our dreams would certainly have colors in the background. Even so, there are some individuals who only see black and white colors in their dreams. One scientific study done by a group of experts from the University of Dundee in Scotland explained that people who will have such kind of dream are those who used to watch in a black and white television during their childhood days.

7. You Have Already Met those People in Your Dreams

For sure, there are a lot of times that you are wondering who are those faces in your dreams. Some said that if there is someone unfamiliar in your dreams, he or she must be your soulmate. There is no reality about this, though. Every face in your dreams is actually known to you. You might have met them once on the road, school, or even in your childhood days.

6. Dreams Can Lead to Inventions

Do you know that there were successful people in the past who have invented something out from their dreams? Not only that, there are also those who are still alive who are currently enjoying their wealth because of their dreams. Let’s say for example Larry Page who owned Google. The concept of Google is just part of his dreams, but he did make it to transform into reality.

5. Dreams Can Be Controlled

You might say that it is impossible, but it is true. There are some people in the world who know how to control their dreams like what they want to dream, who are those people who will appear on their dreams, and what are the things that they should do on dreams. They can even go back in the past if they want to. These people are branded as lucid dreamers.

4. Dreaming Can Be Possible through Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

Believe it or not, there are many individuals who always want to have a dream when they sleep. This is why they resort to DMT or the so-called Dimethyltryptamine. This is a kind of prohibited drug that is quite impossible for many to acquire. In the year 1990-1995, Dr. Rick Strassman conducted an experiment about this drug and he found out that people who take it will have unrealistic dreams like seeing mystical creatures, traveling to some place that doesn’t exist, and seeing things that aren’t there.

3. Dreams Can Be Premonitions

Dreams may sometimes tell you about something that is about to happen, and this is called premonition. Let’s say for example Abraham Lincoln. Before he was assassinated, he already dreamt of it. The famous author, Mark Twain, also saw the death of his brother on his dream. Numerous victims of the 9/11 incident in New York were even warned about the horrible catastrophe through their dreams.

2. Dreams Can Be Great Teachers

Yes, your dreams may teach you something or may improve your knowledge or performance about something that you do in school or in work. One study in the year 2010 proved that students who dreamt about their computer maze tasks in school have better performance in actual tasks than to those who haven’t dreamt about it.

1. Men and Women Have Different Dreams

Yes, there are cases that your dreams are similar to the dreams of your friends. However, did you know that men’s dreams are quite different from women’s dreams? Women dreamt about familiar things and surroundings that have something to do with family and many other subjects. On the other hand, men usually dreamt about aggressive encounters towards other men.

These are the 10 interesting things regarding your dreams that you might don’t have any idea about. Now, could you share some of your dreams?

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