10 Male Celebrities Who Were Victims of Sexual Abuse

The colorful world of Tinseltown also matches the equally colorful, if not checkered lives of various celebrities. When one classifies what entertainment means in Hollywood, people do not only think of movies, television, music, or celebrity. Instead, entertainment also means illicit relationships, wayward personalities, and even sex scandals.

This article will let you in on the nasty side of the Hollywood life, as we reveal the top ten male celebrities who faced sexual assault charges. Could this top ten surprise you or not? Find out for yourself!

10. Tyler Perry – Filmmaker

Tyler Perry

Perry’s childhood, adolescent and early adulthood life was filled with tumultuous events. Growing up in a conservative Christian community, he was sexually abused by a church member at the tender age of 5. Physically abused by his own father, he sought solace in outdoor venues such as parks and dark alleys – where he faced constant danger. His mother’s friend also sexually abused him. In fact, Perry was already in his thirties when he finally confronted his inner demons – beginning with forgiving his then dying father. He has never looked back since.

9. Marilyn Manson – Recording Artist

Marilyn Manson

Manson, or Brian Hugh Warner in real life, had a wayward childhood. Growing up in a problematic community, he was exposed in the nasty things of life at a very young age – as his grandfather was obsessed with pornographic material and female underwear. Sexually abused by a neighbor who forced him to become a passive victim to a perverted sexual act, all these experiences left a mark on the young Warner. Growing up rebellious, he too faced sexual assault charges, which had since been dropped by various plaintiffs.

8. Henry Rollins – Recording Artist/Band Member

Henry Rollins

Being a member of the iconic band The Rolling Stones, Rollins childhood and adolescent life were far from ideal. He was sexually abused by a drunk truck driver in Greece at the tender age of ten. During his teenage years, his mother’s abusive boyfriends summarily subjected him to physical and emotional torture. Leaving his life of chaos and torment, he turned to music as a way to vent his angst and rebellion. Thankfully, he was successful.

7. Axl Rose – Recording Artist

Axl Rose

Axl Rose, or William Bruce Rose Jr. in real life, was sexually abused by his biological father. When his father left the family and his mother remarried a church pastor, Rose grew up in a repressive and highly conservative environment where his stepfather banned all modern forms of entertainment – branding them all as satanic. But this did not deter Rose from exploring music – which he used to channel and exorcise his inner demons, and to make a life of his own.

6. Tom Arnold – Actor

Tom Arnold

Comedian Tom Arnold had a childhood that was clearly far from being a laughing matter. His father often left him to a neighbor, who acted as his babysitter while his parents worked. Beginning at the age of five, he was repeatedly molested and raped by this neighbor, pretending that everything was just a game. As Arnold grew up, his neighbor moved out and only then did he realize that the games they played as a child were forms of sexual assault. He has confronted this neighbor who turned out to be a pedophile.

5. Carlos Santana – Recording Artist

Carlos Santana

This 10-time Grammy Award winner and the pioneer of Latin Rock was molested by a much older friend during his pre-adolescent years. Attracting the young Carlos Santana with gifts and flashy cowboy attire, the abuse only stopped when Santana fell in love with a girl – and retaliated against his abuser. His early songs mirror this turbulent time in his life.

4. OzzyOsbourne – Recording Artist/Television Personality


Not only was the young Ozzy bullied in school, he was also sexually assaulted by two schoolmates at different intervals after school hours. Due to so much fear, he did not tell his parents about the abuse and it continued. Osbourne was only able to let go of his inner demons when he discovered his love for music and when he met his wife, Sharon – who accepted him and everything that he had been through.

3. R. Kelly

R. Kelly

Growing up in a household filled with women, Kelly was often used by a relative to film her sexual encounters. Another woman and family friend also molested Kelly. Sadly, Kelly’s adult life mirrored this kind of tumultuous childhood, as he himself was accused of various sex crimes such as child pornography and filming his own sex videos.

2. Tim Roth

Tim Roth

British actor Tim Roth was bullied by family members and even sexually assaulted by one – the identity of whom Roth would not reveal even up to now. Nevertheless, he never considered himself a victim – rather, he calls himself a child molestation survivor.

1. Chris Brown

Chris Brown

R&B royalty Chris Brown was sexually assaulted by a man that he refuses to name at the age of eight. Growing up in a chaotic environment, he turned to music to express his emotions and to try to forget his past. This childhood experience also explains why he had consistently faced anger management issues.

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