10 Miss World Facts You Might Not Know

Miss World is the oldest competition being held on an annual basis, as far as beauty pageant is concerned. It is made possible by the Miss World Organization headed by a British businesswoman and charity worker, Julia Morley. This pageant has been getting a lot of attention from the people in the entire world as well as the media agencies. It is a prestigious pageant that is participated by a number of countries.

Moreover, here are 10 Miss World facts that might be new to you:

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10. Miss World is dominated by Venezuelans in terms of winnings

They have 6 Miss World wins. The domination of these people started way back in the year 1955 when Susana Duijim captured the Miss World 1955 title. The latest Venezuelan Miss World titleholder was Ivian Sarcos, whon won the title in 2011.

9. There were 7 winners in Miss World who were crowned with home court advantage

These crowning moments all happened in the United Kingdom and in China. The British Miss World titleholders were Rosemarie Frankland, Ann Sidney, Lesley Langley, Helen Morgan, and Sarah-Jane Hutt. On the other hand, the Chinese Miss World titleholders were Zhang Zilin and Yu Wenxia.

8. Miss World titleholders don’t have the same time span of reign

This is simply because the pageant is not held in the same exact date yearly. Kerstin Hakansson from Sweden was the very first titleholder of the pageant, and she had the longest reign being recorded. She was crowned on July 29, 1951 and she passed the crown to the newest winner on November 14, 1952. The shortest reign so far was of Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela, Miss World 2011.

7. So far, there were only two dethroned/resigned Miss World winners

The first one was the Miss World 1974, Helen Morgan, who represented the United Kingdom. She chose to resign 4 days right after she was declared winner. It was simply because she already had a son, which is against the Miss World Organization’s rules. The second resigned title holder was Miss World 1980 from Germany, Gabriella Brum.

6. Miss World titleholders have different age brackets

It simply means that it is not your older or younger age that will determine your fate in winning the title. The oldest winner of this pageant was 24 years and 244 days old. She was Aneta Kreglicka, who represented Poland. The youngest winner, on the other hand, was 18 years and 39 days old. She was none other than Wilnelia Merced from Puerto Rico.

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5. Miss World was originally a Festive Bikini Contest

The main purpose of the very first Miss World contest was to honor and showcase a certain design and brand of swimsuit. It was called a Festive Bikini Contest, but the media named it as Miss World. The first president of the organization, Eric Morley, made it to be an annual event the moment he heard that Miss Universe contest will be held the following year.

4. Some Titleholders also won some other sub-titles

Megan Young from the Philippines, Ksenia Sukhinova from Russia, and Zhang Zilin from China also won the Miss World Top Model title. Miss World Beach Beauty was won by Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar and Rosanna Davison of Ireland. Miss Photogenic award was won by Venezuelan Miss World titleholders, Jacqueline Aguilera and Astrid Carolina Herrera, as well as Indian Miss World winners, Diana Hayden and Aishwarya Rai.

3. Some Miss World winners set some interesting new records

Antigone Costanda from Egypt was the very first winner of Muslim-dominated countries. Kerstin Hakansson was the first Miss World winner from Europe, while China’s Zhang Zilin was the first winner from East Asian countries.

2. Miss World produced the same country winners consecutively

It can be confirmed by the two winners who came from Sweden, Kerstin Hakansson as Miss World 1951 and May-Louise Flodin as Miss World 1952. Ann Sidney won Miss World 1964 and Lesley Langley won the title in 1965. Moreover, India’s pride Yukta Mookhey and Priyanka Chopra won the tile in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

1. Miss World is participated by great numbers of countries more than the number of participants from the other beauty pageants

It was during the 63rd Edition of Miss World when the most number of delegates was recorded. There were 127 participating countries and territories at that time, in which Megan Young from the Philippines emerged victorious.

These are the 10 Miss World facts you might still don’t know. Truly, Miss World is a beauty pageant competition deserving to be commended.

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