Top Ten Most Controversial Business in the World 2015

Making money is not an easy task. Sometimes it involves doing illegal tasks to gain wealth and status in the world. There are more people in the world and less resources which create a sense of competition among them and getting resources force the people to do controversial business. Here is the list of top 10 most controversial business in the world.

Below is the list of 10 of the most controversial business of the world:

10. Selling Children

Selling Children

The lust for money have made humans so much insane that they sell even their own children. Rich people buy children and recruit them for transportation, exploitation, make them criminals, prostitutes, indulge them in child pornography, remove their organs, etc.

9. Taking Bribe

Taking Bribe

Bribery has become common in which almost any task can be done by offering a handsome amount of money. Most of the illegal activities are done by bribing. It is not only illegal but it is also unethical and is a crime in major countries.

8. Smuggling Drugs

Smuggling Drugs

Cultivating, manufacturing, selling and distributing drugs is always been a controversial business in majority of the countries all around the world. These drugs can be extremely dangerous and can kill people which is unethical, unmoral and illegal as well.

7. Cigarette Manufacturing

Cigarette Manufacturing

Manufacturing and selling cigarettes is a crime in many countries because it contains toxic ingredients which can compromise the health of the people. Although it is allowed in many countries but still manufacturing cigarettes is a controversy.

6. Smuggling Organs

Smuggling Organs

Money making act involve persons in some inhuman acts as well like the smuggling of organs. Some people forcefully remove the organs of other people to smuggle it and make money which is shameful and illegal.

5. Creation of Fake Documents

Creation of Fake Documents

Some people create fake documents of educational degrees, passports, identity cards, certificates, etc. which can be used in criminal purposes and is a crime at national as well as international level but no law is passed against this controversial business.

4. Prostitution


It has been the most widely spread professional among women to make money. Women are indulged in sexual activities in exchange of valuables or money. It is against women rights and unethical. Prostitution is banned in many countries and steps are also being taken to stop this controversial business.

3. Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

With the technological innovations, cybercrime is also increased. It involves stealing of your important, confidential information online using hacking or viruses and selling them to interested parties. It can cause loss of millions of dollars and even cause deaths and other dangerous results.

2. Pornography


The second most controversial business in the world is pornography. Pornography arouse sexual desires among people which can cause serious issues like rape and sexual abuse. Many laws have been passed against this business and it is considered illegal in many countries. The sexual activities are filmed and distributed to the larger audience for making money which is a severe crime and considered a disgraceful activity towards women.

1. Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is on the number one spot of our list of most controversial businesses in the world as it is against human rights and constitutional law. Human trafficking is done to achieve illegal interests and humans are forced into sexual slavery, organ and body parts extraction and forced labor, etc. Human trafficking can create a benefit of above $32 billion per year as an international trade. According to a research, more than 12.3 million people are trafficked for a variety of purposes.

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