10 Most Famous Winter Holiday Spots Around the World

During the winter holiday season, one thing that a lot of people love to do is traveling somewhere and enjoy themselves with the breathtaking things a certain place has to offer. Some people prefer traveling within their country, and there are also some who prefer having out of the country winter holiday escapade. In this regard, here are 10 popular winter holiday spots the world has to offer:

10. Munich, Germany

Germany Winter Holiday

This progressive and beautiful city can offer a lot of amazing things whatever date and time you visit. However, it will look magnificent and extremely colorful during winter holiday season, making it to be a great spot to visit when winter holiday comes.

9. Beijing, China

Beijing Winter Holiday

A lot of cities in the world suffer from smog during winter holidays, but this is not the case in Beijing. Some of the China’s best attractions can also become more beautiful to look at during this season just like The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Winter Holiday

This is one independent territory in Asia that can offer tourists a lot of amazing things during winter holidays. You can go to Victoria’s Peak and enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire city. There is no way you won’t be mesmerized with the view.

7. Kenya

Kenya Winter Holiday

This is a beautiful country in Africa that’s not that regularly visited by thousands of tourists. However, Kenya can be a great spot that you would never imagine when winter holidays come. Winter holidays can be greatly spent in Samburu, Kenya. The different animal species in Samburu National Reserve are certainly breathtaking to see.

6. Oman

Oman Winter Holiday

If you’re interested in discovering historical facts who want to escape the coldness of winter holidays, then Oman is the perfect place to visit. This is a place in the Middle East, in which you can learn more about the Stone Age. You can go hiking on lush oases and see the ancient desert forts.

5. Patagonia

Patagonia Winter Holiday

It’s one beautiful region in South America that is near Argentina and Chile. This place can offer you abundant virgin nature. Such place is perfect for remarkable nature adventure. It can even offer you a lot of unique traditional dishes that you might love savoring.

4. Phoenicia

Phoenicia Winter Holiday

This is one beautiful city in New York, USA in which a number of amazing things can be enjoyed during winter holiday season. You can drift with the ravishing big waves in Esopus Creek, or know some historical facts about the Catskill region by visiting the Railway Museum.

3. Rajasthan, India

India Winter Holiday

India is undeniably one of the best countries in the world. If you want to have some diversity during winter holiday season, then you must visit India, especially the Rajasthan state. Such state is packed with many attractions like the Amber Palace, Birla Mandir, and Kumbhalgarh Fort.

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Winter Holiday

Sri Lanka is another beautiful place in Asia that can offer you sun during winter holidays as well as some famous attractions that will make your visit memorable. Some of these are the Udawalawe National Park, Dambulla cave temple, Sigiriya, and the Temple of the Tooth.

1. Taroudant, Morocco

Taroudant, Morocco Winter Holiday

Taroudant is a beautiful city in Morocco that can offer a lot of things during winter holiday season. If you are a foodie type, you can try the mouth-watering Moroccan dishes. You can also visit to the famous Sunday Souk.

These are just 10 of the popular winter holiday spots around the world. If you want some adventure during winter holidays, then consider visiting these places and have fun.

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