10 Most Horrifying Deaths In Sports History

Professional sports have always been associated with entertainment, but time and again there have been incidents involving professional sportsmen, which have shocked us. There have been a number of violent and heinous crimes and murders in professional sports.

Here is a list of top 10 shocking sports murders:

10. Steve McNair

Steve McNair

A pro footballer from Nashville, Steve McNair was found dead along with his mistress on July 4, 2009. McNair was married happily, yet lived a separate life with his young mistress Sahel Kazemi. When he refused to leave his family, Kazemi shot him dead and killed herself too, as she was mentally disturbed.

9. Esteban de Jesus

Esteban de Jesus

The next name on the list of 10 most shocking sports murders is that of Esteban de Jesus, the boxing champion from Puerto Rico. Though he had a successful career, it was marred by scandals and controversies, including killing a young boy over a small dispute in 1981. He was imprison for life but died of AIDS in 1989.

8. Rae Carruth

Rae Carruth

The Carolina Panthers player Rae Carruth was another well known sportsman accused of planning to kill his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams. He stopped the woman’s car while his friend shot her. Adams, was however, able to inform the police before she died and Carruth is serving in jail now.

7. Mark Rogowski

Mark Rogowski

Another sportsman who destroyed his flourishing skateboarding career by falling prey to wrong deeds is Mark Rogowski. In 1992, he raped and murdered Jessica Bergsten, a friend of his girlfriend. After killing her, he buried her body, which was later found in a rotten condition. A guilty Rogowski confessed in crime and was convicted for 31 year imprisonment.

6. Jovan Belcher

Jovan Belcher

In a horrific incident in 2012, the Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher killed his 22 year old girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins by shooting her 9 times. He confessed his crime to the team GM, asked him to look after the couple’s baby daughter and killed himself too.

5. The Munich Massacre

The Munich Massacre

In a freak incident during the 1972 Summer Olympics hosted by Munich in Germany, as many as 11 sportsmen, along with a German policeman were killed by a Palestinian terrorist group. The members of the team of Israel were first abducted and then killed brutally, leading to one of the greatest tragedies in the world of sports.

4. Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor

This time, a sportsman was on the receiving end. Sean Taylor, the pro footballer from Washington, was shot dead in his Miami home by intruders in November 2007. The four youngsters were caught and tried. One of them was convicted for 29 years while the others are still standing trail.

3. Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

One of the recent and most shocking sports murders was the one committed by Oscar Pistorius, the Paralympic star from South Africa, who murdered her 30 year old girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. He brutally shot her four times. Pistorius is facing trail for the murder.

2. Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit

Featuring next on the list of 10 shocking sports murders is the one involving WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, who murdered his wife and seven year old son in 2007. Two days later, he committed suicide. It is believed that he was addicted to steroids and his marriage was on the brink of failure.

1. O J Simpson

O J Simpson

Probably the most noted sports murder of all times is that committed by O J Simpson, the football player and actor from USA. In 1994, O J was charged with the murder of his wife and her girlfriend, though the jury was hung on the verdict. However, he has been serving a jail sentence since 2008 on an armed robbery charge.

All these incidents have left horrific impressions on the minds of sports fans around the world.

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